Not to be confused with Missions.

Wanted Chests

Wanted Missions appear as chests in the upper lefthand corner but, to open each chest, players are required to attain a number of kills of various types. The three default wanted missions to require kills of: 100 monsters (as typically accessed through the map), 40 heroes (as faced when raiding) or 5 titans (which can be tackled when within an alliance). Rare Elemental Chests sometimes appear in the place of hero chests so as to present the challenge of getting kills (from either enemies or heroes) from a specified element.

After completion of Monster, Hero or Elemental Chests, they get greyed out and are accompanied by a timer that shows how long it wil be before the chest becomes active again.  It is a 12 hour wait between Wanted Chests, but the timer is individual to each type of chest.  Once you have begun to work on a Wanted Chest, there is no time limit for completion, you may draw it out over days, weeks, or months if you like.

The timer between chests may be skipped at a cost of 20 gems for the full 12 hours (with the cost decreasing at a rate of 1 gem every 36 minutes) though much of the time may be of concurrent use in the replenishment of world, raid, or titan energies.

Farming Locations

There are four types of Wanted Chests:

Type Enemies Required Recommended
1.  Monsters Any monster kills S1:  7-4 or 8-7
2.  Elemental Kills must be of
a particular element
(raid or monster)
Dark S1:  7-4  or  8-4
Holy S1:  10-6  or  12-9
Nature S1:  7-5
Fire S1:  6-8, 11-6, 20-4

S2:  3-4

Ice S1:  8-7
3.  Heroes Only raid kills count
(with up to 5 hero
kills per raid)

Raids Only

4.  Titans All titan kills count

Must be in alliance
for the duration
of the hunt

There only known trick to prompt faster or more common spawning of the rare Elemental Monster Missions is by skipping chest timers with gems.  They seem to appear between 20 and 40 chest completions and are thus extremely difficult to predict.

Most of the recommendations above are made in consultation with Mai's Guide to Efficient Farming

Wanted Chest Rewards

Mission reward.jpg

Monster and Hero Chests

While these chests, as most rewards, have the potential of providing a high quality drop, the percentage changes are fairly low and thus quite inconsistent.  It is said that Diamond raid/hero chests offer greater rewards than those awarded for individuals in platinum, but it is also well recognized that the rewards from one tier to the next don't really make stretching to achieve the next tier terribly worthwhile.

Elemental Wanted Chest

The most sought after Wanted Chest is the rare Elemental Chest.  It generally spawns once every 30-40 regular chests (approx. once every two weeks for most people).  This may be sped up significantly by skipping the cooldown timer on chests (up to 4 per day may be skipped). While regular hero and monster chests offer fairly basic rewards, the Elemental Chest awards notoriously excellent loot. Each wanted chest rewards the following:

Reward Quantity Percentages
3* or 4* Ascension Material 2 4* = 16%
3* = 180%
3* or 4* Battle Item 1 Precise % unknown
Gems 20-50 Average: 32
Summon Tokens 3 Epic Hero:  20%
Epic Troop:  52%
Daily Token:  228%
Energy Flask 1 33% chance for each

(Titan, Raid or World)

Trainer Hero 1 Average:  1.24*
Atlantis Coins 3-30 Average:  6
Class Emblems 3-50 Average:  21
Loot Tickets 3-6 Average:  3
4* Ingredient 1 100%


This makes Elemental Wanted Missions the only loot source that guarantees so many high quality ascension materials, which is what justifies the gem cost to skip chests so regularly for many players.

5 Titan Kill Chest

The 5 titan kill chest is particularly unsatisfying except in that it is marginally better than a regular titan kill in the percentage change to receive a 4* ascension material (11%).  It also has a decent chance (24%) of awarding an Epic Troop Token, and a 5% chance to award an Epic Hero Token.  In essence:  once every two months you might get something good from a 5 Titan Kill Chest.

Skipping Chest Timers

Skipping a chest timer speeds up the frequency of the rare elemental chests (listed above).  To skip a timer costs 20 gems, with the cost reducing by 1 gem approximately every 36 minutes.

Cost to skip in gems Time remaining
20 12h
19 11h41m
18 11h05m
17 10h29m
16 9h53m
15 9h17m
14 8h41m
13 8h05m
12 7h29m
11 6h53m
10 6h17m
9 5h41m
8 5h05m
7 4h29m
6 3h53m
5 3h17m
4 2h41m
3 2h05m
2 1h29m
1 54m

You may skip up to three chest timers in any given 24 hour period.  This is a rolling timer and it is shared amongst all of your wanted chests.

The shortest time reported between Rare Elemental Wanted Missions is 4 days, while the average for someone who skips multiple chests per day is more like one every 7-10 days.  Skipping 3 chest timers per day costs approx. 60 gems per day and if done for the average of 8 days it would total 480 gems per chest on average.  This figure changes, however, depending upon how much time is left on the timer when you choose to skip what remains.  (Source)

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