Valhalla Coin
Valhalla Coins function similar to Atlantis Coins and are found in your inventory under the General tab. 100 Valhalla Coins are good for one Valhalla Summon, which is available for four days once a month.

You gain Valhalla Coins each time you complete a new Season 3 stage. When you complete the stage the first time on normal, you get 3 Valhalla Coins. You can gain an additional 5 Valhalla Coins for completing the stage on hard, for a total of 8 Valhalla Coins per stage. The number of coins you have earned is displayed on the map.

Completing all of Season 3 on normal difficulty awards 300 Valhalla Coins. Completing all of Season 3 on hard difficulty (probably) awards another 500 Valhalla Coins.

As of v28 (March 2020) Valhalla Coins can also be obtained from wanted missions and Rare Titan Battles. Therefore possible sources are:

  • Complete new season 3 stages (total of 8 possible per stage)
  • Complete the 'Solve the mystery of the 9 Realms' mission (300 + 500)
  • Rare Titan Loot (varies)
  • Wanted Chests (varies)
  • War Chests (varies)
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