The Very Important Player (VIP) pass provides daily benefits to help players progress through the game more quickly. It can only be purchased in the shop and is considered the best deal in the game by most players. While it is active, you receive the following:

You can purchase a monthly (30 day) installment of the VIP, which grants a green dragon, or a yearly installment, which grants a purple dragon. The yearly pass is priced at buy 10 months, get 2 free. If you already have the VIP and purchase more time, the additional time will be added to the end of what you already have, up to a maximum of 395 days.

Collecting Benefits

Dragon Gems

You collect your daily gems, emblem, and loot tickets from the pet dragon, which sits on the stronghold. The 2nd builder allows you to work on upgrading 2 buildings at the same time.

The gems become available at the same time each day. So long as you collect daily, you will receive all of your gems.

The 2nd daily summons has a 23 hour cool down period, so collecting at different times each day will affect how many you are able to receive.

Skipping a day entirely will cause you to lose both gems and the extra summons.

If your VIP time expires, the 2nd builder will complete whatever building it is currently working on. Thus, some players aim to start on projects with long build times shortly before the VIP Pass expires. For example, the stronghold and/or the watchtower.

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