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Founder's Memo

I founded this Wiki in May 2018 with a few simple objectives in mind. I wanted to create a resource that would:

  • Allow anyone to contribute
  • Always be up to date
  • Be visually appealing
  • Be widely accessible
  • Contain as much data as possible
  • Contain helpful strategies and builds
  • Direct users to other helpful resources

Due to the wonderful community outreach, the Wiki is quite growing rapidly, and these goals are beginning to come true. Thank you, contributors and players, for making this Wiki possible.

About Me

I primarily create images and oversee other edits on the Wiki. In the game, I'm a former council member of Seven Days Emerging, a former elder of Xtreme Ninja Cubs, and a former co-leader of Xtreme Unicorns. I do not play with in-app purchases, and primarily play with rare (3-star) and epic (4-star) heroes. I've been playing the game since August 2018.

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