This page is for the Season 2 boss battle. For the hero, see Ursena.
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Ursena is the main antagonist in the story of Empires & Puzzles Season 2. She appears as a purple mermaid with octopus tentacles, wielding a sharp spear in her hands.

You encounter her as the boss in Province 27; the stage starts with two Corrupted Drones and Ursena herself, whose special skill is a reduced variation of the Empress of the Depths. The boss moves into a second phase after depleting her health, Ursena transforming in a titan-like form, her attacks happening every turn and only suffering from stuns via a moving weak spot every 3 turns; her special skill grows stronger as well, matching the one used in her hero card. Through the duration of the battle, your heroes' buffs are removed every five turns, while Ursena regenerates a small amount of HP.

The first time you defeat Ursena on Normal difficulty (alongside completing the entirety of Season 2), you claim a reward under missions:

The first time you defeat Ursena on Hard difficulty (alongside completing the entirety of Season 2) nets a similar reward under missions:

  • 500 Atlantis coin icon Atlantis Coins
  • 2 Epic troop token icon Epic Troop Tokens
  • 1 Poseidon Avatar

Recommended Strategies

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It is recomended to start the battle with 4* or higher heroes due to the load of damage you have to deal with. If you are using holy heroes it would be helpful to have some hero to dispel Ursena's buff (because it's reflecting holy special effects to the caster) like Caedmon or Melendor. A healer is highly recommended to survive the length of the round.

Recommended items:

Try to use your items as late as possible and preferably only in the second round (titan like round). Every time you didn´t hit the weak point use one of your attack items to minimize the damage of Ursena. The other items should be used to keep your heroes alive.

Hard Mode

Players are highly recommended to have heroes that restrict mana gain (Proteus and Hel) or Wilbur for his ability to reduce enemy defenses and provide share link buff. If you are unable to use either of the heroes, having riposte heroes (Cyprian, Boril, Elena) on the flank positions can aid in providing a full team counterattack against Ursena, for her special attack will bounce a significant amount of damage.

Recommended items:

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