Empires & Puzzles receives regular updates.  With bigger releases, bug fixes and such are released more often, whereas bigger updates are released on approximately a monthly basis.  The following is a list of recent updates:

Update 25: Santa's Challenge

Released: November 11, 2019

Smaller Fixes and Changes:

  • Fixed a bug where defeated minions were still showing in UI.
  • Fixed a bug where enemies using revive talent sometimes turned invisible instead of transparent.
  • Fixed a bug where Marie-Therese’s and Atomos’ special skills didn’t always work correctly due to an issue of Stage Property in the final Season 2 stage.
  • Fixed a bug where Ursena’s and Mitsuko’s reflecting status effects were not blocking negative effects such as mana reduction.
  • Fixed a rare bug where some players didn’t receive Challenge Event tier completion rewards.
  • Combining Alkashards doesn’t include Rare Ascension Items that can be received as loot from map stages as an option.
  • The color of the VIP dragon can now be changed to purple if the VIP Pass has more than 30 days left. When the VIP pass has less than 30 days left the dragon will turn green.

Update 24: Costumes

Released: October 14, 2019
  • New Costumes added:
    • Legendary Costumes for Quintus, Lianna, Horghall, Elena, Isarnia, Richard, Joon and Vivica.
    • Epic Costumes for Tiburtus, Rigard, Melendor, Skittleskull, Boldtusk, Li Xiu and Sonya.
    • Rare Costumes for Brienne, Hawkmoon, Bane, Gunnar and Tyrum.
  • Costume Chamber added.
  • New Item Costume Key added.
  • Costume Quests added.
  • Balance Changes:
    • Ameonna: Removal of dispellable and undispellable status effects now happens in the beginning of their Special Skill.
    • Elemental Barriers and similar reflecting status effects only reflect direct damage and status ailments. Everything else is blocked, but not reflected back to the opponent.

Smaller Fixes and Changes:

  • Number of free summons is shown when in base.
  • Mana speed of a hero is now visible in battle.
  • Buff Booster Tournament now affects special skills.
  • Underwater levels now affect special skills.
  • Fixed a bug where Giant Harpoon’s defense decrease was not activated after Tornado’s reshuffle.
  • Fixed a bug where Elemental Barrier didn’t block dispel.
  • Heroes that heal based on how much they deal damage now receive 0 HP when attacking an enemy with elemental barrier.
  • Fixed a bug where damage was not dealt to all targets if the special’s caster dies to reflect or counter attack damage.
  • Fixed a bug where Kingston’s attack debuff did not reduce target’s attack as much as it should have.
  • If a hero has both dodge status effect and evade talent the dodge status effect is applied first.
  • Removed dodge and resist UI notifications on talent activation. Only the talent icon will be shown when a talent is activated.
  • Fixed a bug where game freezes if a Marie-Thérèse’s zombie dies to Spell Slay effect damage.

Update 23: Stronghold 22 and 23

Released: September 4, 2019
  • Challenge Events updated.
    • All Challenge Events have 15 stages for each difficulty.
    • New rewards.
    • New Item Challenge Coin added.
      • Use 10 Challenge Coins for a free summon in the Event Summon.
  • Stronghold Levels 22 and 23 added.
    • Upgrading the Stronghold unlocks new Advanced Buildings.
      • Alchemy Lab added.
        • Items of lower rarity can be transmutated to battle, crafting, or ascension items of higher rarities.
    • New Item Alkashard added.
      • All Alchemy Lab Transmutations produce Alkashards. Combine 10,000 Alkashards to high rarity items.
  • 13- and 14-star Titans added.
  • New pins added to Avatar Shop.
  • New Alliance Banner Patterns added.

Smaller Fixes and Changes:

  • Fixed a bug where the amount of damage made overturns was showing wrong values in raids.
  • Challenge Event completion reward will be given even if the final stage completed after the event ended.
  • Summon Gate label changed: removed the number of available free summons and moved the FREE text above the gate.
  • Color blind mode has a setting for enabling extra symbols.
  • Testing to enable Raids across versions during releases.

Update 22:  Stronghold 21

Released:  June 13, 2019

Stronghold Level 21 added.

New Items added:

New Missions added.

Smaller Fixes and Changes:

  • Cooldown to use Mystic Vision reduced from 16 hours to 8 hours. The amount of rewards is adjusted so that the daily amount of items from Mystic Vision is the same as before.
  • Emblems added to Mystic Vision.
  • Added a notification that informs when a new Update is available.
  • Added a timer that shows when Atlantis Rises ends.
  • Added a time limit to Class Quest Battles. The battles will now end in defeat after 30 minutes.
  • Featured Alliance Message improvements.
  • The War Score is now included in the Alliance Score. There has been no change in how the War Score is calculated except that we divide it by six. The War Score now makes up roughly one third of the Alliance Score together with the Trophy Score and the Titan Score.
  • If a player joins an Alliance after the Titan has already spawned, the player will get reduced loot from that Titan.
  • Fixed a bug where Misandra’s additional attack hit allies if Misandra missed the enemy. Misandra is not giving mana to allies for missed hits anymore.
  • Fixed a bug where Hel and Proteus were not blocking Onatel from gaining mana.
  • Fixed a bug where Kageburado didn’t always deal higher damage on Titans when they had over 50% of health remaining.
  • The attack increment per hit in Khiona’s, Namahage’s, and Brienne’s attack buff does not change anymore when the hero’s special level increases. The attack per hit value is the current maximum value on all levels from now on. The base attack modifier of the buff will work as before: it will increase when the hero’s special level increases.
  • Items cannot be used on Heroes that are in Ghost form.
  • Fixed Athena’s defense debuff: the defense reduction was showing incorrect values in the character’s info panel.

Update 21:  Atlantis Rises

Released:  March 18, 2019

Atlantis Rises added.

  • New heroes added to Atlantis Summon.
  • Get 50% more loot from Season 2 stages during Atlantis Rises.
  • All Season 2 stages have a reduced World Energy Cost.
  • New Unique Enemies can be found in Season 2 stages during Atlantis Rises. Win levels with the enemy to receive Atlantis Coins.

Smaller Fixes and Changes:

  • Fixed a bug with Raid Team selection.
  • Fixed a bug with Tournament Defense Score rounding.
  • Improvements to tournament rules view.
  • Warning shown if you try to sacrifice troops that are in use in Tournament.
  • Players can’t take part in tournaments if they don’t have a full team that meets the Tournament’s requirements.
  • New Friend Invite rewards added.
  • Fixed a bug with Poseidon’s buff and Manashield talent skill.
  • Fixed raid attack team selection.
  • Improved reporting chat messages.
  • Fixed rounding error in Tournament defense score.
  • New Color Blind Mode added to the Settings. Please note that this is an early version of this feature and may be subject to change.

Update 20:  Raid Tournaments

Released:  March 18, 2019

New Raid Tournaments added.

  • Raid Tournaments are special Raids that you can join each week.
  • Raid Tournaments have 3 phases:
    • Preparation Phase that lasts for 24 hours. During the preparation phase you join the up coming Tournament and prepare your defense team. You can only use defense teams that match the event rules.
    • Battle Phase that lasts for four days. The Battle Phase is divided to four Battle Days where you have five attacks available for each Battle Day. You can only use attack teams that match the event rules.
    • Reward Phase that lasts two days. Your final score will determine your reward tier. You get rewards only from the highest reward tier that you belong to.
  • Raid Tournaments have three Special Rules:
    • Rush Attack: All Special Skills are Very Fast.
    • Bloody Battle: Healing has no effect.
    • Buff Booster: Each active buff gives +20% attack.
  • Raid Tournaments can have limitations to Hero and Troop rarity and Elements.
  • Raid Tournaments are scored based on four factors:
    • Enemies killed: The amount of enemies killed during your attack.
    • Winning: Victorious attack will award extra points.
    • Difficulty Bonus: Winning the attack will award points based on comparing the performance of the opponent’s defense team with the performance of your attacks.
    • Defense Team Grade: Your defense team will receive points in the end of each Battle Day based on their performance.

Featured Alliance Message added:

  • Alliance Leaders can setup an always visible featured message to alliance chat that is only visible to alliance members.

Balance Changes:

  • Final stages of Class Quests are now harder than before.
  • Khagan: Damage changed from damage to target and minor damage to nearby enemies to damage to target and nearby enemies. Direct damage increased from 305% to 320%.
  • Aegir: Removed +54% defense against Nature buff. Added +30% defense buff. All buffs affect all allies.
  • Justice: Direct damage increased from 220% to 240%. Accuracy for all enemies decreased from -35% to -40%.
  • Horghall: Direct damage increased from 225% to 235%.
  • Thorne: HP stat decreased from 1421 to 1339, Attack stat increased from 605 to 638. Direct damage increased from 460% to 480%.
  • Elena: Direct damage increased from 196% to 202%. Amount of counterattack increased from 115% to 125%.
  • Elkanen: Direct damage increased from 300% to 330%.
  • Domitia: Direct damage increased from 390% to 410%.
  • Natalya: Damage over time increased from 700 to 752.
  • Kadilen: Direct damage increased from 170% to 190%.
  • Valeria: Direct damage increased from 155% to 235%.
  • Boomer: Direct damage increased from 184% to 204%.
  • Hu Tao: Direct damage increased from 175% to 200%.
  • Cyprian: Amount of counterattack increased from 115% to 125%.
  • Boril: Amount of counterattack increased from 115% to 125%.

Smaller Fixes and Changes:

  • Added Rare Trainer Heroes as rewards from the final stages of Class Quests.
  • Fixed a bug where the shop was always showing a new indicator.
  • Fixed a bug where heroes were revived but looked dead.
  • Fixed a bug where enemy taunt protected your allies from Mok-Arr’s damage to allies.
  • Fixed a bug where Ameonna’s Ghost form prevented counterattack damage from hitting allies to her right.

Update 19.1:  The Hatter Bug Fix

Released:  February 5, 2019

Fixed a bug where The Hatter’s Special Skill caused the game to crash or freeze when cast which caused him to receive damage from a counterattack and die.

Update 19:  Class Emblem Additions

Released:  February 5, 2019

Content for new Challenge Event added.

Friend Invites added:

  • Invite your friends to play and receive amazing rewards!
    1. This feature will be enabled once all players have the new version available
    2. This feature is still in ‘beta’.
    3. Due to the nature of the feature, it it needs to be tested in a real environment.
    4. Thank you for your patience and please feel free to give us feedback and report any issues you might be experiencing

Hero Class Changes:

  • Changes to Hero Class Tutorial
  • Increase to Class Emblem drop rates in War Chest, Elemental Chests, Titan Chest, and Rare Titan Loot
  • Added Class Emblems to Challenge Event Completion Rewards

Hero Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where Ameonna was taking reflect damage in Ghost form when using a normal attack on an enemy with a Dark Elemental Barrier

Update 18.1:  Class Emblem Additions

Released:  January 22, 2019
  • Fixed conflicts when fighting war battles and raids
  • Fixed bug where playing Class Quest reset your team selection.
  • Added Class Emblems to Rare Titan loot
  • Added Class Emblems to VIP, this feature will be turned on after the version is available for everyone.

Update 18:  Hero Classes

Released:  January 10, 2019
Hero Classes added

Smaller Fixes and Changes:

  • If a hero is fully leveled up but their Special Skill is not, the chances for Special Skill level up are quintupled.
  • You can now select the color of your VIP dragon if you have unlocked multiple dragons.
  • Changed the Status Effect Icon for Mana Generation Debuffs changed back to the original one.
  • Lucky Nine can now dodge Mok-Arr’s damage to all allies.
  • Fixed a bug where an enemy cast their special on themselves when all heroes were dead.
  • Fixed a bug where Spirit Link activated for heroes when Mitsuko’s Element Mirror was also active.
  • Fixed a keyboard issue with iOS devices.
  • Fixed a bug where Victor was able to steal healing despite Perseus’ Deep Wound.
  • The health that Victor steals is affected by the heal modifier of his troops.
  • Fixed a bug where Mitsuko’s Element Mirror prevented dispelling buffs.

Alliance War improvements and changes:

  • War Chest participation no longer resets when leaving the Alliance. It now resets when participating in a war for another alliance.

Update 17:  Santa's Challenge

Released: November 17, 2018

Content for the new Christmas Event added.

Smaller Fixes and Changes:

  • Added previously featured Legendary Season 2 heroes to the Atlantis Summon pool.
  • Added enemy element icon in the enemy info tooltip.
  • Removed the word ‘additional’ from Chain Strike’s description.
  • User Experience when linking between iOS and Android enhanced.
  • Fixed counterattack damage when the defender has minions.
  • Fixed a bug where an invisible opponent stays on the battlefield after being killed when they try to heal themselves by absorbing damage after receiving counterattack damage.

Update 16:  Return to Morlovia

Released:  October 17, 2018

Content for the new Halloween Event added.

Raiding in Gold, Platinum and Diamond tiers rewards you with recruits. Team Slots can now be named.

  • Additional team slots can be obtained from Shop.

Alliance War adjustments:

  • Added a countdown to the start of matchmaking.
  • You can now see the remaining War Energy of the whole alliance.
  • You can now see your Alliances War Score in the Alliance view.
  • Fixed an issue where players appeared to have negative War Energy left.
  • War Chest adjustments and fixes:
    • Alliances now receive 3 points from draws.
    • Surplus points now carry over to the next War Chest.
    • Participation is now counted as a percentage

Smaller adjustments and fixes:

  • Issue with Magic Night fixed: Mana was distributed wrong when playing with multiple heroes of the same element.
  • Changed Time Stop description to state that it only delays normal attacks of enemies.
  • Fixed Red Hood’s minion description to state that the minions recover health at the end of the turn instead of the start of the turn.
  • Fixed the orientation of the clef in Gill-Ra’s special animation when Gill-Ra is an enemy.

Update 15.2:  Minor Fixes

Released:  September 25, 2018
  • Fixed a critical issue with the counter attack special
  • Fixed the issue where the energy counters were not visible on iPhone XS

Update 15.1:  War and Hero Power Adjustments

Released:  September 24, 2018

War Chest has been updated.

  • Alliances now receive 5 points for a victory and 1 point for a defeat.
  • The chest is unlocked at 25 points.

Hero Power has been made more accurate.

  • The power of newly summoned heroes is lower, but it increases more with every level up.
  • Please note that this change only affects the value of Hero Power - the actual effectiveness of the heroes is unaffected.

Alliance War Matchmaking

  • Alliance Wars matchmaking now takes the best troop of each element into account.
  • Alliance Wars matchmaking now takes previous wars into account. It may take a few wars to see the biggest benefits.

Other Fixes

  • Counterattack was changed back so that it still triggers right before the Hero is killed.
  • You can no longer activate a Raid Shield if you have more than 2600 trophies.
  • Various other bug fixes and smaller improvements.

Update 15:  War and Raid Updates

Released:  September 13, 2018
War Chest added - battle and win with your alliance for awesome loot!
  • For every 5 wins in Alliance Wars all Alliance members get to open the War Chest.
  • The amount of loot gained from the War Chest depends on how many wars the player contributed to.

Raid Shields added to Resources Shop

  • Raid Shields allow you to keep your trophies safe in case you’re away from the game for a longer time.
  • Raid Shields have a cooldown period and cannot be active indefinitely.

Increased odds for getting Rare Season 2 heroes from the Atlantis Summon.

  • The increased odds only affect the ratio of old and new Rare heroes gained, and does not affect the odds of Epic or Legendary heroes.

Increased the amount of Loot Tickets gained monthly.

  • This includes the amount gained from VIP Pass, rewards from Chests and Rare Titans, as well as how many of them are included in offers.

Support for migrating your progress from iOS to Android or vice versa. The summon and chest views include information about the appearance rates of different heroes and other items.

Alliance War adjustments:

  • Players can now individually opt out.
  • When a player leaves an alliance during a battle, their war defense team stays on the battlefield.
  • Players can edit their war defense team anytime outside an active battle.
  • Inactive players are automatically excluded from matchmaking.
  • You can now see how much War Energy each player has remaining.
  • You can now inspect your remaining heroes without committing to an attack.

Smaller adjustments and fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where an enemy would counterattack after getting killed.
  • Mindless Attack can now be missed.
  • Elemental Barrier now also blocks buff removal and direct mana reduction.
  • Fixed a bug where elemental defense buffs and debuffs were not stacking.

Update 14:  Season 2 Release

Released:  August 14, 2018
Content for upcoming Story Season 2 added!
  • Accessing the new story map requires player to have reached province 15 of Story Season 1.
  • New Provinces for Season 2 unlock monthly. The first Provinces will be unlocked on the 23rd of August, 2018 at 7:00 UTC.
  • Season 2 stages can be completed on two different difficulty levels.
  • Some Season 2 stages have special rules in effect.
  • First completion of a Season 2 stage, on both difficulties, awards the player with Atlantis Coins.
  • Atlantis Coins also be gained from other sources, such as Rare Titans and Wanted Missions.
  • Atlantis Coins can be used for free summons in the new Atlantis Summon.
  • Atlantis Summon is available for limited time each month.
  • Atlantis Summon includes various new Season 2 heroes.
  • Atlantis Summon includes various previous Heroes of The Month.
  • The available Season 2 Legendary Heroes as well as the available Heroes of The Month change each month.
  • Atlantis Summon includes a Bonus Ascension Item Chest that is awarded for every 10 summons.
  • New Missions for Season 2 added.

Balance Changes

  • Rumpelstiltskin: Increased Skull special damage from 255% to 270%
  • Boss Wolf: Increased duration of all status effects from 3 to 4 turns and increased enemy mana reduction from -24% to -34%.
  • Sargasso: Increased special damage from 345% to 355% and increased reduced healing on enemies from -75% to -80%.
  • Elkanen: Increased healing received when damage dealt from 33% to 38%.
  • Quintus: Increased special damage from 260% to 270%.
  • Guardian Kong: Increased special damage from 210% to 220%
  • Kelile: Increased burn damage from 306 over 6 turns to 360 over 6 turns.
  • Gunnar & Kailani: Spirit Link’s defense buff split into a separate status effect.

Smaller Fixes and Changes

  • Changed names for War Rules:
    • ‘Enemy Arrows’ has been renamed ‘Arrow Barrage’.
    • ‘Enemy Boost’ has been renamed ‘Attack Boost’.
    • ‘Enemy Aid’ has been renamed ‘Field Aid’.
  • Text Clarifications and Improvements:
    • The text for effect that clears debuffs from allies is now: ‘Dispels status ailments from allies’ instead of ‘Cures all status ailments from allies’.
    • The text for effect that clears buffs from enemies is now: ‘Dispels buffs from enemies’ instead of ‘Removes buffs from enemies’.
    • The word ‘Remove’ is now used with effects that clear all dispellable and undispellable buffs and debuffs.

Update 13:  War Changes & Sand Empire

Released:  June 18, 2018
Content for the new Summer Event added.

Avatar Shop added.

  • Get new Avatars, Pins and Backgrounds to customize your avatar!
  • Avatar Shop inventory changes often - check in daily to see what’s available!

Alliance War improvements and changes:

  • War Rules added.
  • Each war now has a specific War Rule in effect. War Rules change how the enemy team is supported during battles.
  • ‘Revenge Attack’ now deals damage relative to the health remaining instead of a fixed amount of damage. ‘Revenge Attack’ has been renamed to ‘Enemy Arrows’.
  • ‘Enemy Boost’ increases the attack power of enemy heroes.
  • ‘Enemy Aid’ heals all enemy heroes.

Smaller Fixes and Changes:

  • Local Leaderboards added. You can now see how your trophies measure against other players in your region.
  • New chat room ‘Experienced’ available from player level 20 onward.
  • Two new common Troop types added to ensure all elements have same amount of troops available in summons.
  • Rare Titan appearance rules fixed. They should now appear more consistently for all alliances that have titans of 5 stars and above.
  • Hansel’s and Gretel’s Spell Slay effect is applied also at the end of the turn if mana is full.
  • Red Hood’s Fox minions resist mana drain again.

Update 12.5:  Fables of Grimforest

Released:  May 30, 2018
Content for new Challenge Event added.

Smaller Fixes and Changes:

  • The Alliance War matchmaking now gives more weight to the five best heroes in hero roster of each player
  • Increased loot odds for titans beyond 10-star difficulty
  • 13- and 14-star titans removed for the time being

Update 12:  Rare Titans & Balance Changes

Released:  May 18, 2018
Rare Titans added:
  • 5 star and beyond Titans will be occasionally replaced with Rare Titans
  • Rare Titans have unique special attacks as well as an Elemental Barrier
  • Rare Titans have a bonus chance for dropping a specific 4-star ascension material. The bonus chance is affected by how many stars the Rare Titan has.
  • The bonus chance is only available for players who are already part of the alliance when the Rare Titan appears.

Titans beyond 10-star difficulty added:

  • Titan difficulty and loot odds now scale to up to 14 stars
  • New Titans can be met on the higher end of difficulty

Loot Tickets added:

  • Use Loot Tickets to instantly grab the loot from a previously completed story stage
  • Loot tickets can be gained as loot from certain activities, including Alliance Wars.
  • VIP Pass includes a daily Loot Ticket

Balance changes:

  • Guardian Kong: Increased special damage from 200% to 210%
  • Thorne: Increased special damage from 445% to 460%
  • Kadilen: Increased special damage from 160% to 170%
  • Captain Sargasso: Increased special damage from 335% to 345%
  • Leonidas: Increased special damage from 360% to 365% and increased the healing effect from 50% to 75% of damage dealt
  • Domitia: Increased the radius of opponent buff removal from single enemy to a group of enemies
  • Skittleskull: Increased special damage from 175% to 185%
  • Chao: Increased special damage from 305% to 315%
  • Boomer: Increased special damage from 174% to 184%
  • Zeline: Decreased special damage from 153% to 143%

Alliance War improvements and changes:

  • All defending teams must have 5 heroes
  • Defeating a full enemy team is always worth at least 20 bonus points
  • Matchmaking is now based on:
    • power of the strongest heroes in hero roster of each player
    • player count of the alliance

Challenge Event adjustments:

  • Adjusted how many participants are eligible for lower rank rewards. Lower rank rewards are now given to notably higher amount of participants.
  • Challenge Event tiers renamed to Rare, Epic and Legendary
  • Guinevere, as an Event Boss, has a reduced mana recovery speed

Further improvements for iPhone X screen layout Smaller Fixes and Changes:

  • The hero roster cap increases from player level ups are now distributed more evenly
  • Food and iron gains from Raiding are adjusted to also take the opponents trophies into account
  • Battling multiple Titans with different Alliances within a single day reduces the value of any potential loot. This effect, if active, can be seen in the Titan Rewards information dialog
  • Added a new warning in case a player is about to sacrifice a 5-star hero with more than 1 ascension level 

Update 11:  Springvale and War Changes

Released:  March 23, 2018
Spring Event is approaching!  Stay tuned for special stages, heroes and offers!  

Alliance War improvements and changes:

  • All defenders are revived if a defending Alliance is completely wiped out.
  • Player can't join the imminent War if they join the Alliance during the War Preparation phase.
  • Points potentially gained from defeating a defending player can be now seen beforehand.
  • You can now inspect the opposing Alliance by clicking the alliance banner during war.

Favorite lock for Troops added. Added support for iPhone X Ended support for iOS 7. Please update your iOS version to continue playing. Balance changes:

  • Master Lepus - Special defense reduction from -25% to -20%, mana speed from average to fast, base attack slightly increased;
  • Jack O'Hare - Special defense reduction from -25% to -20%, mana speed from slow to fast, base attack slightly increased;
  • Squire Wabbit - Special defense reduction from -25% to -20%, base attack slightly increased;

Various bug fixes and smaller improvements.

Update 10.4:  War

Released:  March 16, 2018
Alliance Wars
  • Preview how many points can be obtained when defeating a team.
  • Players can only participate in the war if they were in the alliance before the preparation phase started.
  • Immediate revival when all the alliance teams are defeated
  • Player level required to participate changed to 12
  • Fixed issues with Alliances removing their defense teams while the war is active.
  • Any players who remove their team will become a spectator and will not receive any rewards
  • If the whole alliance removes their defense teams it will trigger an immediate defeat
  • Players below the war level requirement are removed from the battlefield when the war starts
  • Minimum alliance score to participate in the war raised to 3250
  • Minor adjustments to war loot

Update 10:  Balance Changes

Released:  February, 2018
VIP Pass added.
  • Get double builders, bonus daily gems and more with the new VIP Pass.

Raid Arenas added.

Balance changes:

  • Slightly increased base stats of most event heroes
  • Leonidas - special damage increased from 350% to 360%, special mana reduction increased from -25% to -40%
  • Elkanen - special damage increased from 285% to 300%, health steal increased from 25% to 33%
  • Lady Locke - full special skill damage done in 4 turns instead of 6
  • Captain Sargasso - special damage increased from 325% to 335%, healing reduction increased from -60% to -75%
  • Domitia - special damage increased from 375% to 390%
  • Guardian Owl - special damage increased from 200% to 235%, damage increment per dead ally increased from 45% to 60%
  • Alberich - mana recovery reduced 20%
  • Guinevere - Dark defense reduced from 94% to 54%
  • Ares - health regeneration reduced from 800hp to 720hp
  • Thoth-Amun: Increased animation speed of minion attacks

Challenge Event adjustments

Added the option to examine Hero illustrations in detail. Added support for inspecting alliances from the player info view. Character special descriptions format changed. Increased the amount of hero teams from 3 to 5. Added a notification for network connection problems. Various bug fixes and smaller improvements.

Update 9.5:  Knights of Avalon

Released:  January, 2018
Content for new Challenge Event added

Battle item adjustments:

Increased raids history

Update 9:  Winter Calendar

Released:  November, 2017

December special content added!

  • Save The Winter in a new limited-time Quest with unique features and rewards
  • Explore the mysteries of the Winter Calendar with daily offers and special free treasures
  • Log in daily between 1st and 25th for extra gifts

Special Skill adjustments and fixes:

  • Adjustments to the functionality of how Defense Reduction debuffs work. The exponential damage increase resulting from very low defense values has been adjusted to provide slightly less extreme results.

Battle item adjustments:

Personalized Alliance Banners:

  • Leader and co-leaders of the Alliance can now freely edit the pattern and symbol of their Alliance Banner

New Chat Room for the Turkish language Various bug fixes and smaller improvements

Official patch notes are found on the SGG support page and on the forums.

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