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Trainer heroes are a special type of hero that is designed specifically to help other heroes level up.  They may be found at star levels 1-4 only, and always come fully leveled and ascended.  Because of this, for the purposes of leveling up, they are worth much more than a typical, unleveled hero. Trainer Heroes do not have a class and thus cannot be improved beyond their current state.

Acquiring Trainers

Trainer heroes may be acquired via completion of Wanted Missions, killing titans, and winning wars.  Interestingly, the Training Camp does not produce trainer heroes, but the Hero Academy does.

Color-specific 3 Star icon.png trainers are always loot through completion of Trials.

Element Trials
Ice icon.png Ice
Trials of Serenity

Trainer Stats

Trainers have stats that are generally somewhat better than unleveled heroes of the same star, but well below that of one that is fully maxed.  They all have the same Special Skill, which is a lackluster 150% damage to a single target.

Trainer Hero Roster.jpeg

(Credit to Pois1 for the graphic)

Use in Battle

In battle an unlevelled 3* trainer hero will perform generally better than a 3* unlevelled non-trainer while a levelled 3* trainer will generally perform worse than a leveled 3* non-trainer.  Because they come fully leveled and ascended they have the potential to do some decent damage compared to regular 2* heroes.

That said, trainer heroes have the weakest Special Skills in the game.  This alone makes them a poor substitute for a real hero of any significant level.

Use in Leveling Up

Because food costs increase with each new level of the hero that is leveling up, it is recommended that one saves trainers for the latter levels.  Trainers provide so much experience that one may jump numerous levels at once.  Since the cost for each hero sacrificed (with a maximum of 10) is equal to the cost of the first one selected, this allows one to skip the final and most expensive levels, thus conserving food when it is most expensive.

It is also generally recommended that they be used only in leveling 4* and 5* heroes.

Trainer Hero Experience Values

Hero Exp Value Per Type and Star
Star Level Basic 1/1 Hero Trainer
1* 150 1000
2* 390 1500
3* 630 2500
4* 900 5000