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Titans are bosses that may only be fought if you are in an alliance.  There is a titan to match each element at each star level. 

Each titan appears on the map for a maximum of 22 hours, with a one hour wait period before the next titan will spawn.  The level of the titan that spawns is dependent upon the alliance's Titan Score.

All members of your alliance have a chance to attack the titan. Each battle contributes to the total damage. The titan is defeated when the the alliance collectively wears down the titan's HP to 0. If the titan is not defeated before the 22 hours are up, it "escapes".

Titan Battles

Titan Battle

Titan battles are against one big boss.  The two outer tiles miss the titan, while the middle five hit.  If the titan is a rare titan, then the element of the titan will be reflected back to the any heroes of that element. 

Attacking a titan costs 1 Titan Energy.

Each battle has a countdown timer. For example, the Gorgon Queen battle shown has 1:29 remaining. The maximum battle time depends on the titan and its difficulty level. However, once a titan spawns, all battles with that particular titan will have a the same amount of time on the timer.

Titans have visible weak points.  Tiles sent into the weak point do additional damage, and If you hit the weak point with three tiles (regardless of color or damage done), then the titan will be stunned for one turn and unable to attack. Rare titans with reflect ability, however, will not be stunned by the reflected color.

Ideal Team Composition

Generally speaking, it is best to field heroes of the strongest color against a particular titan (see elements).  Beyond this, as many of the following as possible is ideal:

There are also several very notable heroes in particular who embody precisely these characteristics.

There is a far more in depth discussion about specific heroes to use for each particular color of titan over on Reddit. It's well worth the read if you're interested!

Notable Heroes

There is one particular hero combination of interest when it comes to titan battles:  Wu Kong/Tarlak + Wilbur.  This is because Wu Kong and Tarlak increase tile damage of all heroes, while Wilbur reduces the defense of the titan and increases your team's defense substantially.

Other heroes of note are those that reduce enemy defenses against specific elements.  See this list for specifics.

Commonly Used Battle Items

Because of how important titans are to alliances and the acquisition of ascension materials, it is common to use numerous items in battle.  A poll done in December, 2018 declared the following to be the 5 most often used items in titan battles:

  1.   Antidotes
  2.   Arrow Attack
  3.   Minor Mana Potion  /  Mana Potion
  4.   Tornado
  5.   Axe Attack

Titan Levels

They range in difficulty from 1* up through 14*.  Since defeating a titan awards additional Titan Score, the level of the titan that is spawned fluctuates between two levels, increasing until failure, then decreasing anew until your Titan Score is increased enough to attempt the more difficult one again. Rare titans appear approximately every 8-10 killed titans and rotate through the possible elements (source).  They bring with them an increased chance for a specific ascension drop, though they are also more difficult as they will reflect their own element back at the attackers, have additional health, and do additional damage.

Titan Loot

There is a grading scale for titan loot that breaks down into the following:

Titan Loot Tiers
Grade Damage Requirement Successful Loot Escaped Loot
A+ Highest Damage Dealer Titan Level + 3 Not awarded
A #2 - #5 Damage Dealers Titan Level + 2 1/2 * (Titan Level + 2)
B At least 3.3%* of Titan Health Titan Level + 1 1/2 * (Titan Level + 1)
C 1% to 3.3% of Titan Health Titan Level Loot Tier 1
D Less than 1% of Titan Health 1/2 of Titan Level Loot Tier 1
20181223 231955

* 3.3% is close to the average damage required from members of a 30 strong alliance.

Rare titans give the same loot tier as regular titans rated one star higher.

Source: Titan loot tiers

Ascension Materials

Titans prove to be a very valuable source of ascension materials.  These may be the farmable or non-farmable variety.  Using the loot tiers above and considering the level of the titan you are facing, you are guaranteed the following number of ascension mats upon kill:

Ascension Loot Rewards
Loot Tier Guaranteed # of Ascension Mats
1 1
2 - 8 2
9 - 13 3
14+ 4


A data mining project collecting 4200 data points (source) confirmed that drop rates depend on the loot tier achieved. Around tier XIV (14) drop rates roughly are:

Reward Chance
4* Ascension Mat 3% per slot
3* Ascension Mat 24% per slot
Battle Items 2 per titan
Epic Hero Token 1%
Epic Troop Token 2%
Energy Flask 10%
Trainer Hero 40%
Gems 5

Note:  The 3* Ascension Mat drop is not separated between farmable and non-farmable, thus it could be a compass or just a chainmail shirt.  See below for more information on Ascension Mat drop slots.

5 Titan Wanted Chest

Unfortunately, while it seems like the 5 Titan Wanted Chest should award excellent loot, the vast majority of the time does not.  The one thing that it does well is provide another chance at an ascension material, and potentially award an Epic Troop Token (24%).  It also awards an 11% chance at a 4* ascension material.  That said, since it requires killing 5 titans, it's basically a once-a-week reward for the titan faithful among us that proves fruitful once every 4-10 weeks, depending upon what you value. (Source)

Titan Spawns

At the start of alliances, players will start against titans as low as 1 Star icon. As they continue to successfully defeat titans, the difficulty and rarity increases. The table and graphic list all possible spawns. (Graphics by Mariamné)

Titanlist 01Titanlist 02

Rarity Name Element
Star icon 1 to 4 Ember Dragon
Fire icon
Water Dragon
Ice icon
Emerald Dragon
Nature icon
Stoneskin Dragon
Holy icon
Night Dragon
Dark icon
Star icon 3 to 6 Raging Hydra
Fire icon
Primal Lizard
Ice icon
Goblin King
Nature icon
Ancient Colossus
Holy icon
Demon Lord
Dark icon
Star icon 5 to 8 Blaze Dragon
Fire icon
Glacial Mammoth
Ice icon
Venomtail Dragon
Nature icon
Typhoon Dragon
Holy icon
Dread Dragon
Dark icon
Star icon 7 to 11 Volcanic Dragon
Fire icon
Ice icon
Gorgon Queen
Nature icon
Emperor Dragon
Holy icon
Onyx Dragon
Dark icon
Star icon 10 to 12 Fireblade Giant
Fire icon
Icehammer Giant
Ice icon
Crystalline Colossus
Nature icon
Armored Hydra
Holy icon
Chaos Spider
Dark icon

Star icon 5 to 12

Ancient Tiger
Fire icon
Thunder Unicorn
Ice icon
Dragon Rooster
Nature icon
Alpha Gryphon
Holy icon
Queen Harpy
Dark icon

Titan Parts

After using harpoons a defeated or escaped titan drops parts when targets are met. They vary with the titan rarity and number of parts dropped:

  • Target 1 needs to be reached so the titan drops any parts at all.
  • Target 2 rewards 2 extra parts.
  • Target 3 rewards 5 extra parts.

This number is the total harpoons used by the alliance, and once the target is reached, every hunting member will receive parts, even if they haven't used any harpoons or don't have a lodge.

Harpoons Needed
Rarity Target 1 Target 2 Target 3
1* 1 3 10
2* 4 7 20
3* 4 11 31
4* 5 14 41
5* 7 18 52
6* 8 22 62
7* 10 26 73
8* 11 29 83
9* 13 33 94
10* 14 37 104
11* 16 41 115
12* 17 44 125

Parts Dropped

Although every member that hits the titan will receive parts after the hunt once the targets are reached, the amount of parts dropped for each member depends on the loot tier achieved:

Parts Dropped
Loot Tier # rewarded for target 1
1-3 ?
4-6 2
7-8 3
9-10 4
11-12 5
13-14 6
15-16 7

Source: Titan Parts Loot Tiers

Titan parts can be used in the Hunter's Lodge to craft legendary items.

Titan Parts
Part: Rarity:
Titan beak icon
Titan Beak
Symbol star
Titan egg icon
Titan Egg
Symbol star Symbol star
Titan eye icon
Titan Eye
Symbol star Symbol star
Titan fang icon
Titan Fang
Symbol star
Titan heart icon
Titan Heart
Symbol starSymbol star Symbol star Symbol star
Titan plume icon
Titan Plume
Symbol starSymbol star
Titan shell icon
Titan Shell
Symbol star
Titan skull icon
Titan Skull
Symbol starSymbol star Symbol star Symbol star
Titan spine icon
Titan Spine
Symbol starSymbol starSymbol star
Titan tail icon
Titan Tail
Symbol starSymbol starSymbol star

Titan Score

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The higher your alliance's titan score, the higher the level of titan that you will fight.
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