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Empires & Puzzles, the term "tank" refers to the hero placed at the center of his time. In the 7-piece battlefield, only one piece hits the other hero, while the tank absorbs all three center pieces. Because of this, a tank must have high defense and high health. Traditional examples of quality tanks used Boril, Kashhrek and Justice. These heroes are iconic tanks because they have more than just high defense and health, but they also bring a strong glow from the team or debuff from the enemy team as well.

Quality Tanks by Star

Below is a list of potential tanks, separated by star and element. Just because they are listed does not mean that they may not be the best overall hero for that particular element, only that they absorb damage well and that their Special Ability is useful. The absolute top-level options by star are in italics. Alternatively, you can view this list of all tanks, download stars or recommendation.

Quality Tanks by Star
Element 2 star 3 star 4 star ** 5 star **
Dark Silthus Costumed Prisca Cyprian Kunchen
Costumed Tyrum Rigard with costume bonus Ursena
Holy Sha Ji Kailani Li Xiu with costume bonus Guinevere
Bane with costume bonus Gullinbursti Mica
Nature Brogan Costumed Brienne Costumed Kashhrek Telluria (Best)
Buddy Heimdall
Ice Olaf (Costumed) Gunnar Costumed Boril Krampus
Sonya with costume bonus Aegir
Fire Jill (None) Boldtusk with costume bonus Ares
Shale Black Knight

Note 1: Speak up in the comments below if you disagree with any of the recommendations present. While there are many passable tanks, the key here is to have two of the "top tier" tanks listed for each element at each star. If we missed a truly outstanding, top-tier tank, please let us know below.

Note 2: The recommendations for 4* and 5* best-in-class are declared here after much research on the forums, along with heavy weight given to scores provided by Anchor's Hero Grading Spreadsheet.

If you are most interested in the 5* heroes and Heroes of the Month, you may also be interested in Razor's Weekly Review to see what the Top 100 are using on their teams.

Last updated May 8th, 2020.