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Talents are only available once a hero has attained maximum level with their special skill maxed.  At that point, their Level Up and Ascend buttons are removed and replaced with one called "Talent Grid".

Class Emblems

Class Emblems are required in order to purchase a talent from the Talent Grid.  They are obtained via rare titan rewards, war rewards, chests, class quests, weekly raid challenges, and the VIP Pass.

Emblems Needed To Max Out Talent Grid
1* 2* 3* 4* 5*
20 62 233 505 1500

Class Talents

When selecting talents, the center nodes are required, but at each junction you must make a choice of either right or left, and follow that path until you reach the next junction.

Each class has a different Talent Grid, along with a unique talent that acts as a passive bonus during battle.  To see each class' full talent grid and emblem costs click on the class of interest in the table below.

Class Talent Description
Barbarian Wound 6% chance to apply bleeding from any normal attack.  The effect deals 60% of the damage done and lasts for 5 turns.  This effect stacks.
Cleric Manashield 7% chance to resist any negative mana effects or effects that prevent the use of special skills.
Druid Companion 3% chance to summon a Thorn Minion after receiving any damage.  The effect is applied at the end of the turn.
Fighter Revive 6% chance to revive with 1HP after a fatal attack.  The revive is applied at the end of the turn.
Monk Resist 6% chance to resist status ailments.
Paladin Protect 3% chance to get +25% defense for 2 turns after receiving any damage.  The effect is applied at the end of the turn.
Ranger Pierce 5% chance to bypass defensive buffs when attacking.  This includes counter attacks.
Rogue Evade 4% chance to dodge direct damage from offensive special skills.
Sorcerer Delay 3% chance to drop the mana generation of the enemy by -50% for 2 turns after dealing any normal damage.  The effect is applied at the end of the turn.
Wizard Jinx 5% chance to deal +15% extra damage per each active buff the enemies have.  The extra damage applies to both normal attacks and special skills.

There's also an excellent infographic available in Rilf's Class & Talent Guide, as well as a great talent calculator available that was put together by Kamikaze Assassin.

Talents & Stat Buffs

Most talents increase a hero's attack, defense, or health stats by a specific quantity (i.e.  +15 attack).  Some talents are more expensive than others because they, instead, increase the stat by a percentage (i.e. +4%), which results in a much greater gain.  Mana, Critical, and Healing talents are always percentage based.

Upon acquisition of all primary talents the hero's passive talent has 5x greater chance to proc (i.e. Monks have a 30% chance to Resist, Paladins have a 15% chance for +25% defense, etc.).

See each class' individual page to view their own Talent Grid.

Talent Costs

All heroes share the same general pattern of emblem costs to purchase talents.  There are four types of costs.

  1.   Standard:  nodes that increase a stat by a fixed amount
  2.   Talent:  nodes that increase the chance that the class talent goes off
  3.   Expensive:  nodes that increase a stat by a percentage
  4.   Final:  the final node is the most powerful bonus and costs much more than any other
1* 2* 3* 4* 5*
Standard 7 15 50
Talent 14 30 65
Expensive 17 40 125
Final 35 70 250

Talents also cost food and iron.

Resetting Talents

It is possible to reset a hero's talents.  This may be done in two different ways:

1.  Use a Reset Emblem
  • Returns 100% of the emblems invested.
  • They are rare.
2.  Spend gems
  • Returns 95% of the emblems invested.
  • Cost is 10% of total number of emblems, rounded up  (i.e. 65 emblems costs 7 gems). (Source)

Food and Iron costs are not returned.