Season 1

The Royal Guard lead their forces deep into an alternate realm their enemy lies. Led strong, they follow the commands of Commander Grey, Lianna, and Colen, to serve as a distraction for Elena to find the Elemental Stones. Defeating waves of remnants, she manages to find them, but the Royal Guard find themselves facing the Dark Lord. Much of their efforts became futile, a fire storm attack knocking down Lianna and Colen and leaving Grey overwhelmed. Elena, however, escapes the realm, back to Karemdol[1] and traveling back to Corellia. Meanwhile, Richard patrolled the routes with Brand, Derric, and Tudan before the arrival of Commander Elena, who informed the men of bandits in the woods.

Quickly defeating the bandits, the group retreat to an ancient fortress in the mountains to use as the base. Vivica greets Elena and Richard, telling them that they were prepare to begin constructing buildings in their new base. As construction was taken on plots, a forest dragon attacked.

Season 2

The leaders of the Free Army forces find a bottle swaying in the ocean bordering the Forbidden Sands. Reading the mysterious message trapped inside, Richard, Elena, and Vivica transport themselves to the Archipelago, being greeted by one of the residents of the foreign islands Misandra. Through the beaches and jungles and traveling across the bays, the Free Army encounter Tarlak of the Lagoon Family, initially combatant due to a prior strain against Misandra but joins in the travel. They also encounter Ariel in the Elysian Sands, the origin of the bottled message for help. She explained that the affairs of Atlantis have changed, her father being manipulated by an unknown force to battle against the people of the Land.

Crossing through Acheron Island, the forces face against Mitsuko of the Sakura Family, following the demands of a corrupt Kageburado, Elena and Vivica commenting a familiar magical force radiating from him. When Mitsuko begins to draw back from the fights, she is attacked by Kageburado, taking on the Free Army on his own in Nishikaigan. He is slain, pushing the troops forwards into Cape Ono and continuning through the islands. Quickly, the Free Army and allies discover the corrupt Poseidon who taunts them and their endeavor to enter Atlantis, showing no mercy to his daughter Ariel. Pushing their fights deeper into Nysa, Misandra requested Tarlak speak with the Spirits; through him, they informed the leaders that their true foe lied at the heart of Atlantis, identifying the threat as Ursena.

Season 3

At the base for the Free Army, a runic gate emerges, causing a sesmic disturbance that brought on the attention of leaders Richard, Elena, and Vivica. The three, curious, decide to enter through the portal within the gate and are transported to the Nine Realms. Quickly, they find themselves forced to fight a legion of dark forces in Midgard. The Free Army soon encounter two residents of the land, Agnes and Bjorn, who inform them that a dark magic plagues their adversary An-Windr and his minions. In a search for answers, they find Loki, banished from his godhood after slaying Odin's favored son, who requires the group to follow him into Vanaheim. Before they could travel forth, Ratatoskr arrives, much to the astonishment of Richard and Elena that he speaks, about the prophecized downfall of Midgard, prompting the Free Army and allies to fight onward against the hordes ahead.

In Vanaheim, they track to the highest point in the realm, where Vivica senses An-Windr speaking with someone cloaked in shadows on bringing about further destruction within the Nine Realms before being abruptly attacked by more of the evil spawns. Defeating their adversary, Loki mentions more on the killing of Baldur and his exile sentence. He leaves them to their journey into Jotunheim, the World of Ice Giants, where Agnes believes An-Windr to be orchastrating his plots for Ymir. The Free Army moving further inland, a small tremor catches Vivica's attention, leaving Agnes concerned of their impending endeavors through the permafrost mountains.

A message from Ratatoskr, he shares with the Free Army that the World Tree, his home, is being damaged by Ymir and his wife, the tremors getting worse and more dangerous. Moving further inland, the encounter the King of Ice Giant and his wife Alfrike. The Free Army find themselves forced to fight agianst the duo. On the outer rim of Jotunheim, Ymir falls in battle, Alfrike tracking through her realm, Agnes informing her allies that they need to trail through Svartalfheim, the Realm of the Dark Elves ruled by Alfrike.

While Richard, Vivica, and Elena learn more about Ragnarok from Agnes and Bjorn, they fight through the jungles and reach Niflheim, the Realm of Dark Magic. Alfrike arrives ahead of the Free Army, meeting with Fenrir, who gives condolesences to the demise of their King; she sought the wolf-god for his forces to aid in stopping the Free Army from advancing further while she seeks the Queen of Death, to which Fenrir preaches he would bring the enemies' heads.


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