In Empires & Puzzles, status effects can be grouped into 2 categories: beneficial effects, called buffs, and hindering effects, called status ailments. Status effects can modify nearly every aspect of a battle (e.g. attack, defense, incoming damage and usage of Special Skills). A wise use of them can turn the tide of a battle. Status effects typically last from 2 to 6 turns.

Most of the status effects can stack with each other, but some may overwrite the current status (most notably opposite status like increased attack and decreased attack). DaveCozy has made a list of which status can or can't be overwritten. Click here to check it out.


Buff undispellable

Beneficial modifiers applied by Buffers to allies. Can be dispelled by Dispellers, unless they are marked as Undispellable. You can check below which heroes and items can apply them.

Current available buffs:
  • Status attack up Increased attack.
Ares Boldtusk Boldtusk2 Gadeirus Guardian chameleon Hawkmoon2 Jill Kiril Puss in boots Rigard2 Rumpelstiltskin Shaarkot Silthus Sir lancelot Toril Zimkitha Bear banner icon Dragon banner icon Titan banner icon Panacea icon
  • Status berserk Increased attack with a further increase every time the hero is hit.
Black Knight Brienne Khiona Namahage
  • Status gamble Increased attack with decreased accuracy.
Wu kong
  • Status attack blind enemy health Increased attack and decreased accuracy that only applies when the target has more health than the target.
  • Status damage boost Increased Normal attack (tile/slash).
  • Status attack up enemy health Increased Normal attack that only applies when the target has more health than the target.
  • Status parry Increased chance to drop any received damage to 1.
Black Knight
  • Status defense up Increased defense.
Aegir Danzaburo Guardian owl Gunnar Hou Kailani Khagan Kiril Magni Marie therese Melendor2 Olaf Shrubbear Victor Vivica Wilbur Turtle banner icon Dragon banner icon Titan banner icon Panacea icon
  • Paladin icon Increased defense. (Stacks with other defense modifiers.)
Paladin emblem icon
  • Status barrier blue Increased defense against Ice.
Guardian kong Jean-françois
  • Status barrier green Increased defense against Nature.
  • Status barrier purple Increased defense against Dark.
  • Status barrier red Increased defense against Fire.
Kashhrek Morgan le fay
  • Status barrier yellow Increased defense against Holy.
First mate boomer Domitia
  • Status recycle defense New status ailments affecting defense will be replaced by increased defense.
  • Status mage armor Increased defense against Special Skills.
Gretel Hansel Kadilen King arthur Queen of hearts Shrubbear
  • Status hide Can't be targeted by enemies.
Invisibility potion icon
  • Status taunt Taunt prevents enemies from using Special Skills on the caster's allies.
Black Knight Shrubbear
  • Status heal more Increased healing for any healing received.
  • Status health regen Recover HP over turns.
 Aeron Alberich Ares Gadeirus Guardian gazelle Guardian owl Guinevere Hawkmoon2 Marie therese Melendor2 Puss in boots Rigard2 Tarlak
  • Status lifesteal Heal part of dealt normal damage.
Aegir Musashi
  • Status soul connection Share received damage with other team members.
Aegir Gunnar Gunnar2 Kailani Wilbur
  • Status critical Increased critical chance.
Ares Gregorion Guardian chameleon Melia
  • Status mana regen Increased mana generation.
Ariel Bauchan Boss wolf Danzaburo Friar tuck Khagan Sir lancelot
  • Status mana recover Recover mana over turns.
  • Status mana resist Immune to negative mana effects.
  • Status silence resist Immune to effects that block usage of Special Skills.
  • Status damage deflection Counterattack with part of the damage received.
Boril Boss wolf Cyprian Elena Elena2 Obakan Sumitomo
  • Status damage deflection double All status effects and part of the damage is reflected back to the attacker.
Titanium shield icon
  • Status damage deflection mana A moderate amount mana received for every counterattack. The effect gets diminished for consecutive activations during the same turn.
  • Status fire mirror Reflect all status effects and part of the damage from Ice Special Skills back to the attacker.
  • Status dark mirror Reflect all status effects and part of the damage from Holy Special Skills back to the attacker.
  • Status dodge mana Increased chance to dodge Special Skills that do damage. The higher the damage from the special is, the higher the chance to dodge it. Receive mana on dodge.
  • Status dodge summon minion Increased chance to dodge Special Skills. Each dodge summons a Sakura Fox Minion.
  • Status ghost Increased attack. Immune to normal attacks, Special Skill attacks and status effects. Can't gain mana.
  • Status resurrect upon death The hero is resurrected with some health when they die.
  • Status zombie blessing When the character dies, they will be reborn as a Zombie.
Marie therese
  • Status bruiser bros The hero is reborn in Chameleon Mode with some health, increased attack, and decreased defense when they die.
  • Status chameleon mode Chameleon Mode: increased attack, decreased defense.
  • Status dance of spirits Dance of Spirits: increased attack, increased damage reduction on all received damage. If the caster dies, receive some damage and mana is decreased by -100%. Immune to status effects.
Guardian gazelle
  • Status debuff shield Immune to status ailments.
Aeron Gato Grazul
  • Status link purple Increased attack and defense.
  • Status link blue Increased attack and defense.
  • Status link red Increased attack and defense.
  • Status link green Increased attack and defense.
  • Status link yellow Increased attack and defense.
Drake fong
  • Status linkheal purple Recover some health per turn.
  • Status linkheal blue Recover some health per turn.
  • Status linkheal red Recover some health per turn.
  • Status linkheal green Recover some health per turn.
  • Status linkheal yellow Recover some health per turn.
  • Status linkdefense purple Increased defense against Holy.
  • Status linkdefense blue Increased defense against Nature.
  • Status linkdefense red Increased defense against Ice.
  • Status linkdefense green Increased defense against Fire.
  • Status linkdefense dark Increased defense against Dark.
  • Status linkmana purple Increased mana generation.
  • Status linkmana blue Increased mana generation.
  • Status linkmana red Increased mana generation.
  • Status linkmana green Increased mana generation.
  • Status linkmana yellow Increased mana generation.
  • Status linkcrit purple Increased critical chance.
  • Status linkcrit blue Increased critical chance.
  • Status linkcrit red Increased critical chance.
  • Status linkcrit green Increased critical chance.
  • Status linkcrit yellow Increased critical chance.
  • Status linkspecial defense purple Increased defense against Special Skills
  • Status linkspecial defense blue Increased defense against Special Skills

Status Ailments

Screenshot 20190516-123635

Harmful modifiers applied by Debuffers and damage over time. Typically applied to enemies, but in some cases it can be applied to the caster itself. Can be dispelled by Cleansers and Antidotes, unless they are marked as Undispellable. You can check below which heroes and items can apply them.

Current available status ailments:
  • Status blind Decreased accuracy.
Bane Bane2 Danzaburo Drake fong Hu tao Joon Joon2 Justice Neith Arrow attack icon
  • Status stun Decreased attack.
Berden Buddy Gill-ra Horghall Horghall2 King arthur Nash Quintus2 Richard Richard2 Santa claus Scarlett Skittleskull Skittleskull2 Vela Zeline Axe attack icon Bomb attack icon Giant harpoon icon
  • Status attack down double Decreased attack with a further decrease every time the character is hit.
  • Status attack down refresh on heal Decreased attack. The effect duration resets if the character is healed.
  • Status defense down Decreased defense.
Buddy Cheshire cat Finley Gill-ra Gormek Grimm Gunnar2 Isarnia Isarnia2 Jack o'hare Kunchen Master lepus Rumpelstiltskin Santa claus Squire wabbit Tiburtus Tiburtus2 Ulmer Valen Vivica2 Wilbur Giant harpoon icon
  • Status defense down double Decreased defense with a further decrease every time the character is hit. (*Valkyrie's Bane: further decrease each turn.)
Athena Brienne2 Valkyrie's bane icon
  • Status defense down refresh on heal Decreased defense. The effect duration resets if the character is healed.
White rabbit
  • Status mark blue Decreased defense against Ice.
Frida King arthur
  • Status mark green Decreased defense against Nature.
  • Status mark purple Decreased defense against Dark.
Guardian panther
  • Status mark red Decreased defense against Fire.
Guardian falcon
  • Status mark yellow Decreased defense against Holy.
Guardian jackal
  • Status elemental magic Element is changed.
Guardian chameleon
  • Status deep wound Decreased healing for any healing received.
Arman Gafar Hisan Jabbar Perseus Rana Yunan
  • Status curse of hex Decreased healing for any healing received.
Captain sargasso
  • Status healsteal Part of applied healing is stolen.
Valeria Victor Vlad.jpg
  • Status dizzy Decreased mana generation.
Alasie Boss wolf Chochin Lianna2 Little john Natalya Sorcerer emblem icon
  • Status mana steal Part of received mana is stolen.
  • Status mana freeze Can't gain mana.
Danzaburo Hel Proteus Time freeze icon
  • Status silence Can't use Special Skill.
Cabin boy peters Miki
  • Status spell slay Receive some damage and reduce mana when mana is full.
Gretel Hansel Pixie
  • Status chaos Automatically cast Mindless Attack on a random ally when mana is full.
  • Status fire Receive some Burn damage per turn.
Azlar Colen Gravemaker Jahangir Jean-françois Kelile Marjana Nashgar Natalya Dragon attack icon
  • Status poison Receive some Poison damage per turn.
Cheshire cat Jabberwock Layla Oberon Proteus Rumpelstiltskin Sartana
  • Status underwater fake Receive some Water damage per turn.
  • Status sand curse Receive some damage per turn.
Arman Gafar Hisan Jabbar Rana Yunan
  • Status blood poisoning Receive some damage per turn.
Valeria Victor Vlad.jpg
  • Status bleed Receive some Bleed damage per turn.
Barbarian emblem icon
  • Status curse of doom Receive damage over turns. Damage increase every turn.
Lady locke
  • Status pact The caster drains some HP per turn.
Morgan le fay

Special Buffs

This category of buffs are always active once their conditions are met and are not applied by heroes. They are available during some special rules of Wars and Raid Tournaments.

  • Status attack up Increased attack from Attack Boost. (10% times Stack Count)
    Attack boost

    (During Attack Boost - stacks with other attack modifiers.)
  • Status attack up double Increased attack from Buff Booster. (20% times Buffs active)
    Buff booster

    (During Buff Booster - active when character has any other buffs.)
Elemental Matrix
  • Elements icon Elemental status effects stack with their regular status effect counterparts if applied to the same hero
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