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Starfall Circus - Official SGG Art.jpg

Starfall Circus is the seventh Challenge Event, introduced June 10, 2021 (see forum). It opens Thursday 7:00 UTC and continues to the following Monday.

Most of the enemies are Holy (see graph below) and many have full Elemental Barrier against Holy.

There is a unique Event Effect added, Starfall: each 5 turns it deals 100 / 150 / 200 damage (depending on the difficulty) to all Heroes, changes their element to the one they are strong against, and prevents the use of 2 battle items for 3 turns.

Event Heroes

Starfall family icon.png
3* Heroes 4* Heroes 5* Heroes
Candy (Holy) D'Andre (Holy) Bobo (Ice)
Whacker (Nature) Eichbelborg (Fire) Director Zuri (Holy)
Marcel (Nature) Eiora & Fluffy (Nature)
Emilio (Fire)
Faline (Holy)
Theobald (Ice)

The special event heroes are all part of the Starfall Family and get a bonus when more than one different member of the family is in a player’s team. Heroes of the Starfall family also have increased attack, defense, and health (+20%, +20%, +20%) in the Starfall Circus' stages.

Event Quest Stages

Cap put together some amazing graphics depicting the levels and enemies in Starfall Circus:

Starfall Levels.jpg

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