Springvale - Official SGG Art
Springvale runs through the month of April.  It is the Seasonal Event associated with Easter.  You may play the event on Normal or Advanced.   The successful completion of the event's quests awards each of the trainer heroes and ascension materials.  There are also 3 heroes associated with the event which you may pull via the Seasonal Summon.

Easter Heroes

3* Heroes:  Squire Wabbit (Fire), Squire Chick (Ice)
4* Heroes:  Jack O'Hare (Nature), Lady Woolerton (Holy)
5* Heroes:  Master Lepus (Ice), Sir Roostley (Holy), Killhare (Dark)

Event Quests

Mariamné has put together a list of what you can expect from each stage:

Springvale - Mariamne
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