Special Skills (or 'Specials') are the most powerful attack or ability that a hero can cast.  They may only be cast when the hero's mana bar is full and each cast depletes their mana completely.  1* heroes have simple abilities that create just one effect, whereas numerous 5* heroes have four or more effects when their Special Skill is cast.  While regular tile damage is affected by elemental interactions, the damage done by Special Skills is not (unless card text indicates otherwise).

Leveling Up Special Skills

When leveling up a hero there is a chance that their Special Skill will level up:

Condition Chance of Rank Up
Off-Color Hero Sacrificed +1% chance per star of sacrificed hero
Same-Color Hero Sacrificed +2% chance per star of sacrificed hero
Same-Named Hero Sacrificed +25% chance
Leveling Hero is Maxed, but Special Skill is not 5x increase in chance

Advice prior to Update 1.8 was to level up 3* heroes one hero at a time until their Special Skill reached rank 4, then go by 10s to save on food costs while still insuring that their Special Skill got maxed along the way.  This advice is no longer beneficial due to the newly increased 4x increased chance at max level.  Sacrificing 10 at a time will save more food and still provide the best chances.  That said, once max level is reached, sacrificing one hero at a time will be the most effective way to finish leveling one's Special Skill.

General Overview

Although many Specials seem very similar, most heroes have Special Skills that are entirely unique to that hero.  For instance, although Dawa and Isshtak share the same mana speed, and same kind of attack (3 targets), Isshtak's Special has a different name and does more damage:

Dawa Leaping Attack Deals 210% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies
Isshtak Ramming Rush Deals 260% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies

Some heroes do have truly unique specials altogether, such as Red Hood or Wu Kong, and on occasion some heroes (Sonya & Caedmon, for instance) share the same special.


  1. Primary target damage:  Snipers
  2. Primary target & minor damage to nearby enemies
  3. Attacks entire enemy party:  AoE Attackers
  4. Debuffers reduce enemy defense, dispel beneficial effects from enemies, blind them, and more
  5. Buffers increase your own team's offensive capabilities


Defensive Heroes provide various buffs to increase the defensive capabilities of your team.  This listing is excluding Healers, although they do effectively serve the same function of mitigating damage.

  1. Defense Increase
  2. Riposte: reflects damage back to attacker
  3. Spirit Link: shares all damage taken among all allied heroes

Uncommon Specials

Minions (and thus Minion Heroes) became much more common with the release of the Christmas Heroes.  Of particular note is Red Hood who's minions also serve as a mana reduction barrier.

Mana manipulators includes both defensive mana reducers as well as offensive mana raisers.

Exceptionally Unique

Hero Effect
Merlin Causes enemy to strike an ally with their Special
Red Hood Minions block mana reducing effects


Stops up to 3 enemy heroes from gaining mana
Wu Kong Increases all ally damage, reduces all ally accuracy
Tarlak Increases all ally damage
Evelyn Reduces enemy defenses against Nature attacks

(both tiles and specials)

Guardian Falcon Reduces enemy defenses against Fire attacks

(both tiles and specials)

Guardian Jackal Reduces enemy defenses against Holy attacks

(both tiles and specials)

Guardian Panther Reduces enemy defenses against Dark attacks

(both tiles and specials)

King Arthur
Reduces enemy defenses against Ice attacks

(both tiles and specials)

Mother North
Can raise dead allies

The Hero of the Month may or may not have a unique ability.  Usually they simply have a powerful combination of more common abilities.

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