In putting this wiki together we have utilized a great many resources across the web. If the site or source is not credited here, it is likely credited in the article that utilized it directly. Sources are declared are in no particular order.


Empires & Puzzles Community Forum: A great place to discuss strategy!

Empires & Puzzles Reddit: Not as busy as the forums, but still a great place to talk about the game.

Empires and Puzzles RPG Wiki: An excellent and thorough source of detailed information and advice.

Coppersky's Compendium: Another great source of detailed information and very wise advice.

VIGERP's Empires & Puzzles Game Guide: A database of heroes, ingredients, world stages, etc.

Hero Resources

Anchor's Complete Guide to Hero Grades: The definitive source for hero grading.

TitanMafia :  From the creator of EnPHero, Razor & Titan Mafia also produce a weekly review of top heroes.

RedPython's Hero Analysis Table: Maxed out hero stats, along with their grading.

4* and 5* Ascension Calculator:  Created by CheTranqui, allows easy calculation of 4* and 5* ascension.

Hero Class & Talent Guide:  Created by Rilf, goes into detail on the Hero Class system.

Talent calculator available that was put together by Kamikaze Assassin.

Farming Guides

E&P Data Bible :  A google sheet with an inordinate amount of data.

Barry Farmz Here by BarryWuzHere:  An extension of Hotdamnmess' efforts above, Barry has expanded the data collection greatly. (Link to the original Farming Guide by Hotdamnmess)

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