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Slayers of Fell Shadows is the eighth Challenge Event, introduced August 5, 2021 (Slayers of Fell Shadows). It opens Thursday 7:00 UTC and continues to the following Monday.

Event Heroes

Slayers family icon.png
3* Heroes 4* Heroes 5* Heroes
Maeve (Dark) Aodhan (Fire) Caitlin (Holy)
Noril (Nature) Cillian (Fire) Cathal (Ice)
Orla (Nature) Rian (Ice)
Saoirse (Fire)
Senan (Dark)

The special event heroes are all part of the Slayers Family and get a bonus when more than one different member of the family is in a player’s team. Heroes of the Slayers family bypass the Elemental Barriers in this Challenge Event’s stages. Heroes of the Slayers family have increased attack, defense, and health (+20%) in this Challenge Event’s stages.

Family Bonus:

The new heroes form the “Slayers” family and have a family bonus for each unique hero in the team: The amounts and percents in Family bonus varies for each rarity.

Slayers Family

Bonus for 1 / 2 / 3 Heroes:

  • 50% / 75% / 100% chance to receive the following stacks at the end of each turn:
  • Stack (Max 10): The caster recovers X HP each turn
  • Stack (Max 10): The caster gets +Y% mana generation

Hero rarity Recovered HP amount Mana generation increase
Legendary 10 HP each turn 5%
Epic 10 HP each turn 5%
Rare 5 HP each turn 5%

You do not need to cast the special skill for the family bonus to activate.

Event Quest Stages

Cap and Lolosnow put together some amazing graphics depicting the levels and enemies in Slayers of Fell Shadows:

Slayers Stages.jpg

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