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The Sand Empire is the Seasonal Event associated with summer, starting after the solstice. It was introduced in 2018; in 2021 it runs for four weeks from Monday June 21st till July 18th.

Most of the rank-and-file enemies are Holy, with the rest Fire.

The Sand Empire has a unique gameplay mechanism: Instead of the Dragon Shields (the lesser ones, made by matching 4) there are Magic Lamps, which also explode 4 neighboring shields but diagonally; Power Shards (5-matched) become Magic Hourglasses, exploding diagonally across the board. More importantly, both prevent all enemy action for two turns, the effect stacking to maximum 4 turns; this makes defeating even strong enemies rather easier.

Sand Empire Heroes

There is a Family of heroes associated with the event which can be received from the Seasonal Summons. The Sand Empire Family has a Defense bonus of 10% per hero, maxing out at 3 heroes (+20% defense).

Sand empire family icon.png
3* Heroes 4* Heroes 5* Heroes
Arman (Holy icon.png Holy) Gafar (Dark icon.png Dark) Rana (Holy icon.png Holy)
Hisan (Nature icon.png Nature) Jabbar (Dark icon.png Dark) Yunan (Nature icon.png Nature)
added in 2020: Roc (Holy icon.png Holy)

Event Quests

Cap has put together a list of stages (as of 2020):

Sand Empire Cap.jpeg

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