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Rare Quest

For information on filling your chests, see Wanted Missions.

Quests are unlocked at player level 10, Class Quests at level 15.

Regular quests include rewards such as "Gather Food" or "Gather Items" and consist of three stages of progressing difficulty.  Five-stage Rare Quests rotate weekly and offer an ascension material as their reward. There are also Challenge Events each month, and Seasonal Events quarterly around certain holidays.

The Quests button in the left column of the main "Base" screen is used to access the daily and weekly quests, as well as the less common Challenge and Seasonal Events, and most recently the Mythic Titans.

Regular Quests

Each day the quests are rotated in and out so that two are available at any time.  These are usually for more mundane Items and ingredients. It should be noted that many rewards are more effectively gained by farming Map stages, see 2017 comparison. Experience rewards for all common quests (except the Gain Experience, obviously) are 1300 / 1700 / 2650.

Tier 1 Quests:

Gather Food Enemies: Enemies are fire, boss is ice.

Gather Food Difficulty: All three stages are below 1800 TP.

Mine Iron Enemies: All enemies are Fire, including the boss.

Mine Iron Difficulty: All three stages are below 1800 TP.

Scavenge resources .jpg
Scavenge Resources Enemies: Fire and Ice enemies with a Nature boss

Scavenge Resources Difficulty: All three stages are below 1800 TP.

Scavenge Resources Enemies: All enemies are Fire, including the boss.

Scavenge Resources Difficulty: All three stages are below 1800 TP.

Tier 2 Quests (each having two versions, the "2" more difficult and rewarding):


Collect Gems Enemies: Dark and Nature minions with a Fire boss.
Collect Gems 1: 1250 - 1750 TP
Collect Gems 2: 1510 - 2690 TP


Find Battle Items Enemies: Ice and Holy minions with a Dark boss.
Find Battle Items 1: 1250 - 1750 TP

Find Battle Items 2: 1510 - 2750 TP


Find Crafting Materials Enemies: Dark and Nature minions with a Nature boss.
Find Crafting Materials 1: 1240 - 1700 TP

Find Crafting Materials 2: 1500 - 2740 TP

Find Recruits.jpg

Find Recruits Enemies: All enemies and bosses are Nature.
Find Recruits 1: 1250 - 1750 TP
Find Recruits 2: 1500 - 2720 TP.

Find Recruits 2 sometimes awards an Epic Troop Token upon completion. [1]

Source for enemy and Team Power info.

The Six Rare Quests

Rare Quest Rotation (by Mariamne)

A new rare quest comes around approximately every two weeks and remains for a day and half (36 hours). The rotation of the six quests is:

  1. Mount Umber – enemies are Fire icon.png Fire
  2. ShrikewoodNature icon.png Nature
  3. FrostmarchIce icon.png Ice
  4. Farholme Pass (1) – enemies Holy icon.png Holy, with Fire icon.png Fire and Nature icon.png Nature
  5. Shiloh DesertHoly icon.png Holy
  6. MorloviaDark icon.png Dark
  7. Farholme Pass (2)
Difficulty Energy Team Power
Easy 4 1400
Medium 8 1750
Challenging 12 2250
Hard 16 2700
Very Hard 20 3250

Each Rare Quest consists of five stages of progressively more difficult enemies.  Because of this, not everyone can complete the event, and it is necessary to employ skillful tactics.  Enemy and boss details are provided through the links above.

The rewards for completing a rare quest are two separate rare ascension materials, awarded to those who complete the 4th and 5th stages (together with a scarce Crafting Ingredients or Battle Items).  More common ascension mats are rewarded on the earlier stages (such as Training Manuals).

Quest 4th stage 5th stage
Mount Umber Hidden Blade Mystic Ring
Shrikewood Sturdy Shield Mysterious Tonic
Frostmarch Warm Cape Farsight Telescope
Farholme Pass (1) Fine Gloves Tome of Tactics
Shiloh Desert Orb of Magic Poison Darts
Morlovia Trap Tools Royal Tabard
Farholme Pass (2) Compass Damascus Blade

Class Quests

Available twice a week on Sunday and Wednesday, Class Quests are the primary means to acquire Class Emblems.  They have three levels, accessible only after reaching a certain player level.

Difficulty Team Power Level Req Energy Cost Emblems
Easy 2500 15 4 4
Medium 3500 20 12 6
Hard 4000 30 20 8

The third stage of each trial also awards a 3* trainer hero, and sometimes a reset emblem.

Costume Quests

See also: Costumes

Every third Monday of the month, Costume Quest becomes available to obtain Costume Keys for a free summon from the Costume Chamber. Costume Quests have six difficulties awarding one to three Keys.

Difficulty Team Power Keys
Easy 2000 1
Medium 2500 1
Challenging 3000 1
Hard 3500 2
Very Hard 4000 2
Ultimate 4500 3

Mirages of Omega (Limit Breaker) Quest

See also Hero Information#Limit Break

Once a month Aethers can be obtained in the five "Special Stages" of Mirages of Omega, a "Limit Breaker Quest" featuring a different element each month. There are special game mechanisms, boosting heroes of the appropriate element, as well as making the enemies, all of that same element, extra strong (innate resistance to status ailments).

Aethers have 3 levels of rarity, designed simply in Roman numerals (III being the strongest) and serve to further advance fully maxed heroes.

Mirage Team Power Aether 1 Aether 2 Aether 3
1 2500 2
2 3500 5 1
3 3900 10 3
4 4300 15 8 1
5 4800 20 12 3

Seasonal and Challenge Events

Each season brings one of four special Seasonal Events which also show up under the Quests button.

  1. Easter:  Springvale
  2. Summer Solstice:  Sand Empire
  3. Halloween:  Return to Morlovia
  4. Christmas:  Santa's Challenge

The second Thursday of the month also brings a Challenge Event that shows up under the Quests button.  These rotate between:

  1. Pirates of Corellia
  2. Fables of Grimforest
  3. Guardians of Teltoc
  4. Knights of Avalon
  5. Riddles of Wonderland
  6. League of Villains
  7. Starfall Circus
  8. Slayers of Fell Shadows
  9. Clash of Knights

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