Pirates of Corellia - Official SGG Art

Pirates of Corellia is a challenge event that rotates in once every five months.  The event begins on the 2nd Wednesday of the month and continues through that weekend. In 2020 anticipated start dates are: March 11th and August 12th.

Event Heroes

3* Heroes 4* Heroes 5* Heroes
Vodnik (Ice) Cabin Boy Peters (Nature) Captain Kestrel (Fire)
First Mate Boomer (Dark) Captain Sargasso (Dark)
Lady Locke (Nature)
Finley (Ice)
Marie-Thérèse (Dark)

These special event heroes are all part of the Pirates of Corellia Family and get a bonus when more than one different member of the family is part of a players team. The Pirates of Corellia Family bonus for 2/3/4/5 heroes is:

  • +3%/6%/10%/15% Attack
  • +2%/4%/7%/12% Mana Generation

Event Quest Stages

FightEveryDay has an excellent summary that goes into a little more detail on this event. Miariamne put together some amazing graphics depicting the enemies you may expect to face for this event:

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