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The Ninja Tower is a unique event similar to Challenge Events in having a score based on "speed of completion and the amount of health left at the end" and final rewards dependent on ranking, but with just one difficulty and no possibility of replays. Its 50 stages, or "floors", are accessible through special Tower Energy (10, fully replenished each day; so climbing to the top requires utilising all of them without losing any battle, or a rare Tower Flask). There is also a Tower Chest of loot every 10 floors. The Ninja Tower was introduced in October 2020 and runs bi-monthly for five days from Wednesday to Monday morning.

The Ninja Tower has a special gameplay mechanic: Oni Gems, which can impart Oni Curses on your Heroes preventing them from further use, and Oni Blessings, which buff all heroes for the event.

It also introduced new Ninja Heroes, available for the Tower Coins rewards, and epic Ninja Troops.

Oni Curses

Oni Curses are a special tile that randomly appears on the board (coming from below after a match, not changing from existing ones like Underwild Gems). On appearance, the Oni Curse is randomly allocated to one hero and the tile must be matched within three turns to avert the curse. Otherwise the designated hero remains cursed; heroes cursed two times throughout the event are no longer usable in the Ninja Tower (but still able to be used elsewhere). The curse is also averted by ending the battle, be it victory or defeat; but NOT running from the battle or just the cursed hero dying.

Oni Blessings

Oni Blessings are rewarded on completing every third stage. You pick from three potential buffs that apply in all subsequent battles as you continue climbing the Ninja Tower. Blessings are fixed & the same for everyone (i.e. player A gets x, y & z blessing at stage 3. So does player B, Player C etc…) Blessings apply to all heroes in your roster but not outside the Ninja Event.

Blessings include: 5 % bonuses for attack, defense, health, mana generation, or critical chance; receiving a Lantern Minion (with 5 % stats) every 5 turns; gaining 50 health every 5 turns; + 5 % mana every 5 turns, … The same bonuses stack.

Deadly Chamber Effects

There are three Deadly Chamber Effects in the Ninja Tower.

  • Toxic Vapor – all heroes take damage every 3 turns: 50 in stages 6 to 20, 75 until stage 40, 100 afterwards.
  • Fragile Floor – the number of Items brought into battle is reduced: by 1 in stages 11 to 25, 2 until stage 40, 3 afterwards; for rarer items where this would decrease their standard number to zero, 1 is always allowed.
  • Erratic Time – all Status Effects cast by heroes last shorter than normally: by 1 turn in stages 16 to 30, 2 turns afterwards; again, even naturally shorter effects last at least 1 turn.
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Ninja Heroes

During the Ninja Tower event, the Family of special Ninja Heroes are available in the Ninja Summon. One summon costs 100 Tower Coins (the rewards are one Coin for every stage and ten in Tower ) or 300 Gems. Ten summons costs 2,600 gems. The summon rates are:

  • Rare Classic Hero: 71 %
  • Epic Classic Hero: 20.8%
  • Legendary Classic Hero: 1.5%
  • Epic Ninja Hero: 5.7%
  • Legendary Ninja Hero: 1 %
  • Hero of the Month Bonus Draw: 1.3%

There are 8 Ninja Heroes. Their Special Skills are variable depending on "supercharging" their mana.

Ninja Troops

During the Ninja Tower event, special Epic Ninja Troops are available using the Ninja Troop Summon that replaces the usual Epic Troop Summon. The summon rates are:

  • Rare Classic Troop: 85 %
  • Epic Classic Hero: 10 %
  • Epic Ninja Troop: 5 %

There are five Epic Ninja Troops (one for each element), attack-oriented: Their stats on Level 1 are Attack 23 %, Defense 10 %, Healing Bonus 12 %, Bypass Defensive Buffs 5 %; the fully levelled have 32 / 17 / 20 / 15.

Star icon.pngStar icon.pngStar icon.pngStar icon.png Epic Ninja Troops
Bo Ninja (Dark icon.png Dark)
Kusarigama Ninja (Nature icon.png Nature)
Nunchaku Ninja (Holy icon.png Holy)
Sai Ninja (Fire icon.png Fire)
Wakizashi Ninja (Ice icon.png Ice)
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