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When you tap on the Map button,

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located in the bottom left of the screen, you'll be sent to the World Map showing you each of the provinces that you currently have access to.  Each province then consists of up to 10 stages which must be successfully completed in sequential order to progress to the next stage.  Completion of all stages within one province opens up access to the next.


A typical province consists in 8-10 stages:  6 regular, 1-2 mini-bosses, and 1 outpost, where the outpost serves as the final stage in a province, successful completion of which grants you access to the next province.

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Some provinces have a bonus chance to drop a particular ingredient or ascension material.  Tapping on that item in your inventory will produce a popup that displays which ones.

Season 1

Season 1 consists in 23 provinces and culminates in the battle with the Dark Lord.  You may expand the table below and select any particular province for more information.

Season 1 Map.jpeg

Image courtesy of Mariamné

Season 1 Provinces
# Name
1 Plains of Corellia
2 Rathwood
3 Shores of Windemer
4 Windemer Deadlands
5 Western Windemer
6 Slopes of Orgon
7 Howling Bay
8 Isgilham
9 Ruins of Skyfheim
10 Shaguadin
11 Shaguad Desert
12 Plains of Wind
13 Misty Highlands
14 Cloudloft
15 Forgotten Sands
16 Shriker Islands
17 Pass of Umbar
18 Morgovia
19 Brokenlands
20 Doomspire
21 Brooding Mountains
22 Rockfall of Zalthu
23 Dragonian Cave

Season 2

You can switch between season 1 and 2 maps when you reach province 15 of season 1. The switching button will appear at the top left corner of the map screen as soon as you reach Province 10 of season 1. However, the button will be locked until you reach province 15 of season 1.

JointPics 20191023 133440.PNG

Completing stages in Season 2 differs from Season 1 by offering Atlantis Coins as a reward for your first completion of any given stage.  Each stage also has a Normal mode and a Hard mode, with Hard mode offering a more substantial quantity of coins.  Season 2 provinces also lack mini-boss stages and outposts, but have special stages where unusual battle conditions are in place.

Small Giant Games released 3 provinces of the map each month until April 2019 for a total of 27 provinces. The map changes in appearance as you progress through the provinces. It starts with an open vortex in the center, which gradually gives rise to the city of Atlantis.

Season 2 Map.jpeg

Image courtesy of Mariamné

Season 2 Provinces
# Name
1 Privateer Cove
2 Anchor Beach
3 Buccaneer Bay
4 Cliffs of Concordia
5 Concordia Lakeside
6 Concordia Riverlands
7 South Chaparral
8 Ivory Cape
9 Lost Lagoon
10 Elysian Sands
11 Lethe Ridge
12 Acheron Island
13 Oceanic Forest
14 Mokulua Mountains
15 Purato Plateau
16 Mount Mochida
17 Rocks of Aneane
18 Nishikaigan
19 Cape Ono
20 Kyojin Forest
21 Banrinochōjō
22 Nysa
23 Depths of Kávouras
24 Ifaísteio Isles
25 Outer Wall
26 Eastern Corridor
27 Heart of Atlantis

Season 3

SmallGiant Games released 3 provinces for Season 3 each month, the first three on February 27, 2020. Completing a stage for the first rewards the player with 3 Valhalla Coins on Normal difficulty and 5 Valhalla Coins on Hard difficulty (similar to Season 2). The map can be accessed after reaching Season 2 Province 15.

Provinces in Season 3 share elements with provinces in Season 1. There are stages marked with wings that have elite enemies, though not elementals; other stages indicate that enemies possess a realm bonus unique to the region the province resides, such as the Midgard bonus.

Season 3 Provinces
# Name Realm
1 Midgard Pathway Midgard
2 Midgard Woods Midgard
3 Midgard Morass Midgard
4 Bay of Midgard Midgard
5 Vanaheim Fen Vanaheim
6 Vanaheim Steppes Vanaheim
7 Vanaheim Plains Vanaheim
8 Jotunheim Fjord Jotunheim
9 Jotunheim Peaks Jotunheim
10 Jotunheim Mountain Range Jotunheim
11 Jotunheim Hillside Jotunheim
12 Jotunheim Heights Jotunheim
13 Svartalfheim Brook Svartalfheim
14 Svartalfheim Jungle Svartalfheim
15 Svartalfheim Rivers Svartalfheim
16 Svartalfheim Edges Svartalfheim
17 Niflheim Glacier Niflheim
18 Niflheim Mist Fields Niflheim
19 Whispers of Eternal Winter Niflheim
20 Niflheim Ice Fields Niflheim
21 Niflheim Tundra Niflheim
22 Helheim Gates Helheim
23 Helheim Passage Helheim
24 Helheim Deep Helheim
25 Muspelheim Plains Muspelheim
26 Hill of Lava Muspelheim
27 The Volcano Muspelheim
28 Molten Muspelheim Muspelheim
29 Alfheim Forest Alfheim
30 Alfheim Grove Alfheim
31 The Primeval Woods Alfheim
32 Alfheim Haven Alfheim
33 Asgard
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