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Loot tickets allow you to instantly replay and win a stage that you have already completed. You will still use the same amount of world energy to play the stage.

They are found under the general tab of your inventory if you have them.


The VIP Pass, if purchased from the shop, awards 3 loot tickets per day as long as the pass is active. You can also gain loot tickets from wanted missions, fighting titans, war rewards, and mystic visions.


To use a loot ticket, simply go to a stage on the map that you have already completed and click on the lower left button labelled "Auto Win." You will be given the option of selecting how many loot tickets you wish to use. You must still have enough world energy and enough tickets to play the stage(s).

The game will then provide a reward screen for all combined replays.

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Strategies For Use

Loot tickets primarily save time, but they can also be used strategically to:

  • Farm the Map - using several loot tickets at once on the same stage nets a wide variety of ingredients and items quickly.
  • Save Items - if you would normally need to use battle items to complete a stage, using a loot ticket will allow you to beat it again without using items.
  • Gain XP - Utilizing a loot ticket on a difficult stage allows you to quickly gain XP. Some players may choose to use loot tickets on stages that give high XP (especially if at low world energy cost) to gain XP more quickly.
  • Use Up World Energy Before Leveling Up - if as a player you are about to level up, using several loot tickets at once can allow you to utilize almost all your world energy before you get an energy refill due to leveling up. For example, if you have 24/24 energy and only 1000 XP before you level up, playing a single Season 2 stage might give you enough XP to level up. This would use 6 energy on a normal mode stage, and once you level up, you would be back at 24/24 energy. However, using 4 loot tickets would allow you to play the same stage 4 times before your energy would be refilled to 24/24 due leveling up.