Players obtain loot from completing stages or quests, defeating titans, or conquering in raids and tournaments.

Heroes and Troops

Name Obtainable
Star icon Common Heroes
Star icon Common Troops
Star2 icon Uncommon Heroes
Star2 icon Uncommon Troops

Battle Items

Ascension Materials

Crafting Materials

Other Loots

Name Used for Obtained
Atlantis coin icon Atlantis Coin Atlantis Summons Season 2 Stages
Titan energy flask icon Titan Energy Flask Used to replenish titan battle energy.
Raid energy flask icon Raid Energy Flask Used to replenish raid battle energy.
World energy flask icon World Energy Flask Used to replenish world battle energy.
Loot ticket icon Loot Ticket Used for replaying already completed World Battles instantly.
Reset emblem icon Reset Emblem Resets talent grids with some emblems
Barbarian emblem icon Barbarian Emblem Barbarian Talent Grids
Cleric emblem icon Cleric Emblem Cleric Talent Girds
Druid emblem icon Druid Emblem Druid Talent Grids
Fighter emblem icon Fighter Emblem Fighter Talent Grids
Monk emblem icon Monk Emblem Monk Talent Grids
Paladin emblem icon Paladin Emblem Paladin Talent Grids
Ranger emblem icon Ranger Emblem Ranger Talent Grids
Rogue emblem icon Rogue Emblem Rogue Talent Grids
Sorcerer emblem icon Sorcerer Emeblem Sorcerer Talent Grids
Wizard emblem icon Wizard Emblem Wizard Talent Grids
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