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The Hunter’s Lodge is used to craft 5* Battle Items using Titan Parts. Titan parts drop from a defeated or escaped titan as rewards after using Giant Harpoons.

It is an advanced building. To build it you must have at least a level 21 Stronghold, and any other building at at least level 5. When selecting the level 5+ building you are then given the opportunity to "convert" it into this advanced building.

After doing so, you may then convert the building between the original, and the lodge, at will, for no cost, though you do need to have a builder available for the 5 second conversion. Changing to a different building may be done at no additional cost, though you may only have one lodge at a time. It is recommended that you use one of your forges for this purpose.

Crafting, Research and Upgrade Costs

New Items are unlocked every new level. Each item requires that research be done to learn how to craft it first.

Level Item Food Cost Time
1 Giant Harpoon 2771k 1d 0h
2 Titan Banner 2801k 1d 12 h
3 Titanium Shield 2812k 2d 0h
4 Panacea 2822k 2d 12h
5 Invisibility Potion 2843k 3d 0h
6 Valkyrie’s Bane 2869k 3d12h
7 Hunter’s Caltrops 2400k 4d 0h
8 Hurricane 2891k 4d 12h
9 Scroll of Alteration 2912k 5d 0h
10 Time Freeze 2941k 5d 12h

Level Iron Cost Time
1 2210k 10s
2 2323k 1d 8h
3 2341k 2d 0h
4 2358k 2d 22h
5 2368k 4d 2h
6 2380k 5d 13h
7 2400k 7d 9h
8 2415k 9d 6h
9 2422k 11d 0h
10 2440k 12d 13h

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