Starting in June of 2017, Empires & Puzzles began to offer a special Hero of the Month (HoTM). They are always a 5* hero and are often especially valuable, even compared to other 5*s.
Kunchen - Hero Card

Obtaining the Hero of the Month

The current HotM is only available via Summon for one month. Unlike regular 5* heroes, you cannot obtain a HoTM through a training camp at TC20. 

Any time you summon a hero using the Atlantis Summon, Challenge Summon, Epic Hero Summon, Elemental Summon, or Seasonal Summon, or Event Summon you have a bonus 1.3% chance to pull the Hero of the Month. Troop summons and daily summons are not eligible for a bonus chance at the HotM. If you successfully pull the HotM, you will receive both your actual pull along with the HotM, giving you two heros instead of one for that particular pull.  In doing a 10-pull, you have 10 opportunities to get the HotM.

In addition, the Atlantis summons also offers 2 previous HotM heroes within its hero pool.  These are not awarded as a bonus. As such, it is possible to pull a pervious HotM and then summon the current HotM as a bonus.  The two heroes chosen are generally quite difficult to predict but occasionally follow patterns. Recent history of Featured Atlantis heroes can be found here.

The HotM changes at midnight according to the game's time zone (UTC/GMT).

Previous Heroes of the Month

Month Hero Element Type Class Resist
January 2020 Vela Ice AoE, Tank Druid Minions attacks
Ferbuary 2020
March 2020
April 2020
May 2020
June 2020
July 2020
August 2020
September 2020
October 2020
November 2020
December 2020

Month Hero Element Type Class Resist
January 2019 Onatel Holy Tank Wizard Accuracy (only enemies status ailments)
Feburary 2019 Kunchen Dark Healer Cleric Defense (only normal defense)
March 2019 Frida Ice Ice Defense Down Paladin Attack
April 2019 Anzogh Fire AoE, Healer Wizard Mana Generation
May 2019 Margaret Nature Dodge Attacks Rogue Debuffs
June 2019 Ranvir Holy Attack Buffer Druid Poisons
July 2019 Seshat Dark Damage Dealer Ranger Mana Reducion
August 2019 Miki Ice Attack Buffer Barbarian Silence (Special Block)
September 2019 Grazul Fire Healer, Tank Cleric Health Regeneration
October 2019 Kingston Nature Damage Dealer Fighter Burn
November 2019 Neith Holy AoE,Mana Reduction Ranger Mana Block
December 2019 Grimble Dark AoE, Tank Cleric Accuracy (only enemies status ailments)

Month Hero Element Type Class
January 2018 Natalya Fire Damage Dealer Sorcerer
Feburary 2018 Zeline Nature Debuffer, AOE Wizard
March 2018 Delilah Holy Healer Fighter
April 2018 Aeron Dark Healer Monk
May 2018 Alasie Ice Damage Dealer Ranger
June 2018 Gravemaker Fire Tank Barbarian
July 2018 Gregorion Nature Buffer Ranger
August 2018 Drake Fong Holy Damage Dealer Monk
September 2018 Khiona Dark Damage Dealer Rogue
October 2018 Aegir Ice Tank Paladin
November 2018 Zimkitha Fire AoE, Buffer Druid
December 2018 Evelyn Nature Nature Defense Down Ranger

Month Hero Element Type Class
June 2017 Hel Dark Tank Wizard
July 2017 Athena Ice Debuffer Ranger
August 2017 Ares Fire Buffer, Healer Paladin
September 2017 Musashi Holy Damage Dealer Rogue
October 2017 Alberich Nature Buffer, Healer Druid
November 2017 Thoth-Amun Dark Damage Dealer Sorcerer
December 2017 Perseus Ice Damage Dealer Paladin

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