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Heroes form the teams that you command in Empires & Puzzles.  A full team consists of 5 heroes.  Hero quality is proclaimed by the number of stars beneath their name and varies from 1* up to 5* (5 being best).  Every aspect of a hero may be upgraded by either Leveling Up or via Ascension.

Understand The Hero Card

Generally speaking, the Hero Card is quite straight-forward:

Nightshade - Hero Card.gif

  • Team Cost:  Each Team has a limited amount of space, called Team Cost.  As the Hero gains Ascension Levels, its Team Cost increases.  Generally speaking, Team Cost maximum is acquired more quickly than one can take advantage of it and thus it is considered not to be an issue to concern oneself with.
  • Level:  All heroes begin at level 1.  Upon selecting "Level Up", you must choose which heroes you wish to sacrifice as training partners for the selected hero.  This is the only way to level up heroes.  In doing so, their Attack, Defense, and Health will increase with each new level.  They also have a (small) chance to upgrade their Special Skill.
  • Special Skills:  Special Skills are each hero's most powerful attack.  It is cast by tapping the hero once their mana bar is full and they begin to flash.  For Nightshade, her special skill is called "Focused Shot".  The description is always underneath the Special Skill's title.  Nearly every hero's special skill is unique (Sonya and Caedmon, Melendor and Sabina not so much) and will not vary with new copies of the same hero.  It may be upgraded as the hero levels up with a maximum rank of 8/8.
  • Mana Speed:  This determines how quickly that hero's mana bar fills up during battle.  The faster it is, the fewer matched tiles are required to fill the bar.

Level Up and Ascension

Leveling up occurs in the Hero Roster interface, acccessible via the Heroes button in the bottom menu of the main screen; upon selecting a specific hero you may choose "Level Up" on the bottom left of the hero card (see the picture with Olaf example); or vice veraa, in the Roster select LEVEL UP bottom left and then "Choose a Hero to level up".  Then you must select which heroes you wish to use up in order to level up that hero.  Heroes of the same color as the chosen provide 20% experience more than any non-matching colors (see table in the detailed article).

Ascension Example.jpg

Consequences of Leveling:

  • Increased Attack, Defense, and Health
  • Each Star of a same-color hero consumed gives a 2% chance to increase the Special Skills.  Each Star of an off-color hero will provide a 1% chance.

By contrast, Ascension will always upgrade the hero's Special Skill, as well as increasing their stats.  It also increases the hero's maximum level possible by an additional 10 and resets the hero's level to 1 while maintaining the new power levels. One can Ascend only after attaining the maximum level for the previous Ascension (although the ASCEND button on the hero card works to show the ascension requirements and results; only the folow-up button ASCEND! is greyed out).

Max Levels, Ascensions, and Team Costs
Stars / Rarity Max
Max Levels (for
each Ascension)
1 / Common 2 10 → 20 3–4
2 / Uncommon 3 20 → 30 → 40 4–6
3 / Rare 3 30 → 40 → 50 6–8
4 / Epic 4 40 → 50 → 60 → 70 12–15
5 / Legendary 4 50 → 60 → 70 → 80 20–26

Once heroes attain their maximum level, and have their Special Skills maxed, they may level up further within their Hero Class via the Talent Grid, a distinct leveling system that utilizes Class Emblems for talent and stat gains. June 2021 introduced the Mirages of Omega event where Limit Breakers were first unveiled. This allows heroes to move beyond the maximum limit and add 5 more levels to expand the attack, defense, health and power stats even higher. A 3 star hero can now max out at 3.55, a 4 star can max out at 4.75 and a 5 star hero can max out at 4.85. The event offers levels of battle to earn Aethers that are needed to break the existing max barrier and come in 3 different rarities. Basically, the limit breaker just UNLOCKS the additional +5 levels. You then need to level the hero up like normal by feeding trainers/ feeder heroes to them. Unlike normal leveling, to go from one level to the next, there is a much higher cost in both food, experience and iron and the final 5 star level (75) also will require some ascension materials.

Obtaining Heroes

The most common methods for obtaining heroes is:

  1. Use of the Training Camp
  2. Various Summons (Daily, Seasonal, etc)
  3. Map stage rewards (only 1* and 2*)

3* Heroes

  1. The most reliable way to obtain 3* heroes is via the Training Camp at TC12 or TC13.
  2. There is a small chance that you will get a 3* hero from the Daily Summons (3.3%).
  3. You are also guaranteed to pull at least a 3* hero with any Epic, Elemental, Seasonal or Event Summons (though you may possibly get a 4* or 5* there instead).
  4. You may also find opportunities to purchase heroes via gems in the shop.

4* Heroes

  1. As with 3*, the Training Camp is the most reliable method.
    • TC13 has a 5% chance
    • TC20 has a 20% chance
  2. Epic, Elemental, Seasonal, and Atlantis Summons also have a chance to award a 4* hero. (unknown %)

5* Heroes

There is no easy, free to play way of obtaining 5* heroes in Empires & Puzzles.  The most reliable method is the Training Camp, but even that is not truly reliable as it only provides a 5% chance of a 5* and, even then, draws will not include previously appearing options of a, typically superior, Hero of the Month.

Gems and tokens can also give access to summons draws that give a small chance of a 5* hero.

  1. Epic, Elemental, Seasonal, and Event Summons have a chance to award a 5* hero.
  2. An Atlantis Summon also has 2 of the previous Heroes of the Month as a part of its reward pool in addition to the chance for the bonus summon of the current HotM.  The two previous HotM are chosen seemingly at random each time.

As gems facilitate the main route for accessing high-level summons getting, paying players are given a considerable advantage over free to play players due to the superior heroes that the paying players are more able to access.

Seasons 1 & 2

Heroes from Season 1 are the most readily available heroes.  These heroes are acquired through the Epic Summon, Elemental Summon, Daily Summon, and Training Camp.  As a result, these heroes were the first ones released and the most prolific throughout Empires & Puzzles.

Season 2 Heroes became available with the release of Atlantis and are generally considered more powerful than Season 1 heroes (TC13 Heroes, TC20 Heroes).  They each belong to a Family and gain bonuses when they fight alongside other heroes of the same family.  The Atlantis Summon is available on the final weekend of each month and is a little more expensive than a regular summon (350 gems each).

Stats & Averages by Star

The following set of tables were made by analysis of the statistics presented/linked in this thread by FunkyMoneky.

Click the number to see a hero with the stat in question.

3* Heroes Low High Average
Attack 368 540 470
Defense 359 533 422
Health 420 879 693
Most average 3* hero:  Bane

4* Heroes Low High Average
Attack 501 786 656
Defense 450 792 620
Health 935 1430 1183
Most average 4* hero:  Sumitomo or Tiburtus

5* Heroes Low High Average
Attack 566 824 720
Defense 578 830 706
Health 1126 1545 1353
Most average 5* hero:  Red Hood or Aeron

View Specific Heroes

Following is a listing of all Hero Categories on this wiki.  Click the link to browse all heroes within the category.

Wiki Hero Categories
General / origin /
Elements &
Hero Classes
Special Skills type Challenge and
Seasonal Events
All Heroes Dark Heroes Tanks Event Heroes
1 Star Heroes Holy Heroes Healers
2 Star Heroes Nature Heroes Defensive Heroes Pirates of Corellia
3 Star Heroes Ice Heroes Snipers Wonderland
4 Star Heroes Fire Heroes AoE Attackers Fables of Grimforest
5 Star Heroes Barbarian Buffers Guardians of Teltoc
TC13 Heroes Cleric Debuffers Knights of Avalon
TC20 Heroes* Druid Cleansers League of Villains
Hero of the Month Fighter Dispellers Starfall Circus
Season 2 Heroes Monk Mana Raisers Springvale
Atlantis Family Paladin Mana Reducers Sand Empire
Lagoon Family Ranger Minion Heroes Return to Morlovia
Sakura Family Rogue Minion Destroyers Christmas Heroes
Ninja Family Sorcerer Fiend Heroes
Season 3 Heroes Wizard
Season 4 Heroes
  • Only 4 and 5 Star Heroes are included in the "TC20 Heroes" since those are the only heroes of particular interest from Training Camp level 20.