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In Empires & Puzzles the term "healer" refers to a hero that can replenish the health of the team.   These Special Skills are considered crucial to any viable team, especially at the higher levels where they do more than solely heal.

Quality Healers by Star

Below is a listing of quality healers, separated by star and element.  Since healers are somewhat sparse, I will also include defense buffing heroes and denote them with a (D) after their name.  This is because damage absorbed is basically an insta-heal for the percentage of the buff, serving the same purpose as the healer.  The top tier choices per star are in italics.  Alternatively you could view this listing of all healers, without reference to star level or recommendation.

Quality Healers (and Defense Buffers) by Star
Element 2 star 3 star 4 star ** 5 star **
Dark (none) (none) Rigard Kunchen
Sabina Aeron
Holy Sha Ji Candy Lady Woolerton Vivica
Kailani (D) Gullinbursti Guinevere
D'Andre Prof. Lidenbrock
Director Zuri
Nature (none) Belith Melendor Mother North
Friar Tuck Kashhrek Tarlak
Grevle Telluria
Lady of the Lake
Ice Olaf (D) Gunnar (D) Kiril Ariel
Frosty Sanngrior Aegir
Helo Raffaele
Fire Jill (D) Hawkmoon Boldtusk Anzogh
Shale Grazul

Note 1:  Speak up in the comments below if you disagree with any of the recommendations present.  While there are many possible healers, the key here is to have two of the "top tier" tanks listed for each element at each star.  If we missed a truly outstanding, top-tier tank, please let us know below.

Note 2:  The recommendations for 4* and 5* best-in-class are declared here in accordance with heavy weight given to scores provided by Anchor's Hero Grading Spreadsheet .

If you are most interested in the 5* heroes and Heroes of the Month, you may also be interested in Razor's Weekly Review to see what the Top 100 are using on their teams.

Last updated December 13, 2018.