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Brave Blacksmith - Hero Card.gif

Upon activating this special skill, all allies will be given a "Spirit Link" buff with a unique icon along with a defense up buff. All allies that have this buff will share the damage they take in equal quantities. For example, if five heroes have the buff and one of them is dealt 50 damage, each will take 10 damage, and this 10 damage will then be reduced by the defense up buff. This allows heroes to take extremely small amounts of damage and increase their survivability.

Note that damage dealt by damaging status aliments like poison is not shared. The "Spirit Link" buff can be dispelled just like any other, making the sharing less effective as then there aren't so many heroes to share the hits with. If the enemy that attacked a hero with the "Spirit Link" buff has a chance to miss, many things can happen. If the enemy misses its original target, no damage will be dealt to any hero. If the attack hits the intended hero, for every hero the damage is shared with, the miss chance will be applied again, sometimes resulting in some heroes being hit and others staying unhurt.

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