Giant Harpoon is a legendary battle item.  


One enemy gets 750 damage and -20% attack for 6 turns. If the enemy is a stunned Titan, they get -25% attack and -30% defense for 6 turns.

If the enemy is a Titan and enough Harpoons are used the Titan will drop Titan Parts when defeated or escaping. The amount dropped increases with the amount of Harpoons thrown.


Giant Harpoons are crafted in the Hunter's Lodge.

Strategic Uses

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Giant Harpoons are used by an alliance so Titan Parts can be dropped after the Titan Hunt. There are three targets to be reached and the number of harpoons needed for each threshold depends on the level of the Titan. The more targets reached, the more parts dropped. This number is the total harpoons used by the alliance, and once the target is reached, every hunting member will receive parts, even if they haven't used any harpoons or don't have a lodge.
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