Energy is required in order to engage your heroes in any activity in Empires & Puzzles.  There are currently four kinds of energy, each one has its own unique rate of regeneration and maximum.  Each type of energy (except for War) has a flask associated with it that when imbibed restores that particular type of energy to full.  Achieving a new level as a player will restore all energy (again, except for war).

World Energy
World Energy

World energy is required in order to engage in any map or in quest stages, except for outposts.  The maximum amount of energy increases as the player levels up and there is no currently known maximum. 

There are 4 ways to refill world energy:

  • Wait - It regenerates at a rate of 1 energy per 10 minutes.
  • Level Up - When you increase in player level, all of your world energy is completely refilled. If you already have mostly full world energy right before you are about to level up, it is possible to use loot tickets to help get the most out of your world energy refill.
  • Purchase in the Shop - not generally recommended as the best use of gems, but it is possible.
  • Use a Flask - a red world energy flask will refill world energy, if you have one.

See player for details on how the world energy maximum scales with player level.

Raid Energy
Raid Energy

In order to raid an enemy, either via revenge or the more traditional Raid button, you need Raid Energy. You also use raid energy when you attack an outpost. It is spent at the rate of 1 energy per engagement (win or lose), and it is regenerated at the rate of 1 energy per hour.  There is a fixed maximum of 6 raid energy total.  This does not increase as gameplay goes on. You can, however, refill all of your raid energy by using a blue flask or by purchasing a raid refill in the shop.

Alliance Energy
Titan Energy

Titan Energy is required in order to engage in combat with a titan once you have joined an Alliance.  One engagement costs 1 energy.  There is a fixed maximum of 3 titan energy total and it regenerates at a rate of 1 energy every 4 hours. It is also possible to refill your titan energy with a purple flask.

War Energy
War Energy

War Energy is required in order to engage in Alliance Wars.  At the beginning of a war you are provided 3 War Energy.  Midway through the war, you are given 3 more for a total of 6 War Energy per war.  Each time that you choose to attack an enemy will cost you 1.

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