The Dark Lord is the main antagonist of Empires & Puzzles season 1. He often appears as part of the story between provinces. He has horns and glowing red eyes. He always wears plate armor, a cape, and carries a book and twisted staff.

You fight the Dark Lord for the final stage of the season 1 map, as the final level of Province 23. The stage consists of 2 Doomed Lords and the Dark Lord himself. The Doomed Lords have Vampiric Touch as a special skill while the Dark Lord has Deathstrike. But, at the beginning of the game, it consists of 2 Doomed Warriors and the Dark Lord against Commander Grey. But, The Dark Lord defeats Commander Grey and steal the elemental stones.

The first time you defeat the Dark Lord, you can claim a reward under missions:

  • 1 Epic hero token icon Epic Hero Token
  • 2 Epic troop token icon Epic Troop Tokens
  • 3 Summon token icon Summon Tokens

Recommended Strategies

Bring mana controlling heroes such as ChaoTime Stops will also help, as does stacking multiple Holy heroesAntidotes are also useful in cleansing lingering damage over time effects from each of their special skills.

While it is possible to win the fight with just 3* heroes, it is challenging enough that well-leveled 4* heroes is recommended.

The Dark Lord's special, Deathstrike, is what makes this fight so dangerous and difficult.  As such, one should avoid awarding him mana through judicious tile matching, focusing efforts on killing the two Doomed Lords first, then using those lanes to ghost tiles, killing the Dark Lord via heroes' specials rather than tiles. (More info here)

An ideal team would include heroes like Kiril, Li Xiu, and Chao.  Here's a full list of Mana Reducers who can assist in enemy mana manipulation.

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