Costume Chamber is a type of Summon featuring only Costumes together with the respective S1 Hero. Costumes do not function separately from the heroes which they belong to. Costumes can be summoned using Costume Keys or Gems. You need five Keys for one Summon or have to pay 350 Gems (3000 for a 10x summon).

Costume Keys can be acquired from Costume Quests. Every month offers two Featured Legendary Costumes that have an increased chance of being summoned. Each costume summon has a 1.3% chance for a bonus draw of the Hero of the Month.

Costume Summon Chances

Rare 3* 71%
Epic 4* 26.5%
non-featured Legendary 5* 1.2%
featured Legendary 5* 1.3%

Costume Chamber opens at 12:00 UTC on the 3rd Monday of each month and is open for 48 hours. While it is active, you can aquire Costume Keys through clearing stages at the Costume Quest.

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