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These trials are made available under the Quests button twice a week and and serve as the most reliable way to acquire Class Emblems for use in the Talent Trees of heroes of a particular Class.  Each Trial only permits that heroes used to belong to one of two classes.

Trial Costs & Rewards

Difficulty Requires Player Level

Suggested Team Power

World Energy Emblems Awarded Enemy Waves
Easy 15 2500 4 4 3
Medium 20 3500 12 6 4
Challenging 30 4000 20 8 5

The third stage of each trial also awards a 3* trainer hero, and sometimes a reset emblem.

Class & Trial Combinations

Trials - Mariamne.jpg

Trial Classes
Trials of Strength Barbarian & Fighter
Trials of Fortitude Cleric & Druid
Trials of Mysticism Sorcerer & Wizard
Trials of Serenity Paladin & Ranger
Trials of Survival Barbarian & Rogue
Trials of Piety Cleric & Monk
Trials of Decimation Fighter & Wizard
Trials of Nature Druid & Ranger
Trials of Shadows Rogue & Sorcerer
Trials of Justice Monk & Paladin

Thanks to Mariamné for the excellent graphics