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Class Emblems are used for acquiring a hero's class talents and are found under the General tab of one's Inventory.  Emblems may only be invested into talents when a hero is fully leveled, ascended, and has their special skill maxed. Each of the 10 Hero Classes has a corresponding emblem.

Emblem Acquisition

Emblems can be obtained from the following, ordered from most common to least common source:

Reset Emblem

Reset emblem icon.png

While reseting a hero's Talent Grid may always be done at a reasonable gem cost, this also involves the loss of 5% of the emblems invested.  The Reset Emblem accomplishes this same task, but returns all invested emblems.

This is an extraordinarily rare emblem. Use it wisely.

This item can be received as a reward from Wanted Missions, Rare Titan Battles, Alliance War Chest, and Class Quests (see [1]).

Emblem Images

Below is a gallery displaying the emblems for each class.  Click on the emblem to view the class in question.