The Chat button enables and disables a bubble in which the beginning of the most recent messages are shown.  Clicking on that bubble opens up Chat.


Chat Rooms
If you are a part of an alliance you have access to two separate tabs:
1.  Global
  • General
  • Peer Support
  • Alliance Recruitment
  • Experienced (Lvl 20+)
  • Off-Topic
2.  Alliance

To change rooms within the Global tab, tap the word "Room" and select from the options presented.  This is also where you change the chat language, should you prefer to do so.

Text Colors & Sizing

While the chat interface is rather simple, it does support emojis and text colors.

Text Colors are accomplished via the use of Hex Color Codes.  This is accomplished by placing the hashtag and six digit hex code inside brackets:   [#229954] is green, for instance. In the in-game chat, using the brackets & hex code will color any text thereafter that color. To accomplish a multi-color text, one must simply place a new set of brackets and hex code before the text that you wish to be the new color.

You may also alter the size of text by putting [%150] to enlarge it to 150% of the default.


2Spookd put together a great chart with of emojis possible within the game.  To use emojis you simply must type a specific word with one colon on each side such as:   :smile:  You can even use these emojis in your Team names!

E&P Emoji Chart

Chat Bans

The chat ban is a temporary ban which will automatically expire in 7 days. You may see a red message on your chat message field. Once the ban expires, you will be able to chat without any restrictions once again.

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