Your Base contains all of your buildings. Most buildings either increases your resource storage or produces something, but there are several particularly unique buildings. After initial construction, buildings may only be moved, never deleted. Also, there is a limited quantity of buildings available to construct, depending upon the level of the Stronghold. As such, it is never possible to build the wrong building as they will all be built and used in the end.


The Stronghold level determines how many slots you have available to build upon. As you upgrade the Stronghold you will gain more slots, and thus more buildings. The Stronghold level also determines the maximum level to which that you can upgrade other buildings.


Watchtower level determines how much food and iron it generates. Each outpost that you have conquered (on the Map) provides a 5% bonus to your Watchtower's output. As such, completing more Provinces and thus controlling more Outposts will provide you with more food and iron due to increased Watchtower production. (Note: when raiding someone only the food and iron stored in that Watchtower at that moment is available to be raided.)

Mystic Tower

The purpose of the Mystic Tower is simply to offer the opportunity to watch a video and acquire goods as a result.  The video is called a "Mystic Vision".

Summon Gate

The Summon Gate is only represented by the purple circle in the upper right of the UI. It is here that you spend tokens or gems to summon heroes. You also go here to take advantage of the Daily Summon.

Production Buildings

Storage Buildings

Moving Buildings

After construction is complete a building may not be deleted, but it may be moved. To do so, tap the building, and then tap "more". You will then be provided with details regarding the building, along with the option to "relocate" it. After selecting "relocate" the potential relocation spaces will begin to flash. Tap the space that you wish for this building to occupy and the two buildings in question will swap locations.

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