Alchemy Lab
The Alchemy Lab was first announced in December, 2018 and was released in June 2019 along with several other new advanced buildings. The Lab can be converted from any existing non-storage building that is at or above level 5 after unlocking Stronghold 23.  

Highly anticipated (see the original Idea/Suggestion thread), the Alchemy Lab is a crafting building that transmutes lower level items into higher rarity items. It also transmutes farmable ascension materials into non-farmable ascension materials of the same rarity.

However, the Alchemy Lab has several limitations that the other crafting buildings such as the Training Camp, Hunter's Lodge, or Forge do not have:

  • Levels 6 through 10 requires Gems to use.
  • You can queue multiple Transmutations for a given level, but once the order is placed in the Lab, you can not remove or reduce the queue.
  • You can not speed up or skip Transmutation times with Gems. Therefore, it is advised you watch what orders you place, as you can accidentally tie up the Lab for very long periods of time.

The Alchemy Lab also introduces a new item called Alkashards. The Alchemy Lab produces Alkashards with every completed transmutation. The amount of Alkashards produced varies depending on the Level of the Alchemy Lab as well as what items being transmuted. These shards can then be collected and used to make other items in the Lab.

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