Advanced Mine
Advanced Mines produce iron more efficiently. They are advanced buildings that can only be converted from a level 20 Mine. Currently you need your Stronghold updated to level 21 and only one Mine can be converted. With upcoming Stronghold levels more will be able to be converted.

Advanced Farm Production & Upgrade Charts

Advanced Mines halt production when their local storage is full.  They require food to be upgraded.

Level Iron / Hour Time to Full
1 3661 17h 53m
2 3794 18h 6m
3 3931 18h 20m
4 4074 18h 34m
5 4224 18h 47m
6 4375 19h 2m
7 4534 19h 16m
8 4698 19h 31m
9 4868 19h 46m
10 5045 20h

Level Food Required Time
1 429k 10s
2 554k 1d 18h
3 704k 2d 8h
4 872k 2d 22h
5 1047k 3d 14h
6 1220k 4d 8h
7 1415k 5d 5h
8 1627k 6d 4h
9 1855k 6d 20h
10 2096k 7d 11h

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