Advanced Farm
Advanced Farms produce food more efficiently. They are advanced buildings that can only be converted from a level 20 Farm. Currently you need your Stronghold updated to level 21 and only one Farm can be converted. With upcoming Stronghold levels more will be able to be converted.

Advanced Farm Production & Upgrade Charts

Advanced Farms halt production when their local storage is full.  They require iron to be upgraded.

Level Food / Hour Time to Full
1 5598 20h 55m
2 5862 20h 59m
3 6138 21h 44m
4 6428 22h 10m
5 6731 22h 36m
6 7048 23h 3m
7 7380 23h 30m
8 7727 23h 57m
9 8091 24h 25m
10 8473 24h 54m

Level Iron Required Time
1 486k 10s
2 618k 1d 12h
3 755k 2d
4 896k 2d 12h
5 1056k 3d 2h
6 1230k 3d 18h
7 1427k 4d 11h
8 1641k 5d 7h
9 1870k 5d 21h
10 2114k 6d 9h

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